“I have bit of a cold” – Biden says after coughing during speech sparks Covid fears


The U.S. Congress on Monday declared Democrat leader Joe Biden as the winner. After the final results, the Republican leader addressed the country. However, Biden’s cough during the speech has left many locals worried about his health. Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were announced as winners, while the newly elected President addressed the nation.

More than 81 million people have elected Biden and Harris to be their leaders. This is the highest number of records in U.S. history. It is more than 800,000 votes out of the total number of votes cast. By the end of his speech, Biden was busy coughing and sneezing. Now that it has gone viral on social media, the countrymen are worried about the newly elected president.

Election campaigning, voting and counting have done in the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic in the country. It’s been a month and a half since the election results came out. The Presidential Welcome will be held on January 20. Biden will also be the country’s oldest president. Americans are worried about his age and cough symptoms.

However, one user noted on social media that Biden was “absolutely fine”. Because whenever he interviews CNN, he always puts his right hand near his face. Later Biden confirms that he had a mild cold. So another user wished him a speedy recovery.

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