IIMC Dhenkanal celebrates International Yoga Day


International Yoga Day was celebrated at the Indian Institute of Mass communication, (IIMC) Dhenkanal campus on Monday. In the morning, Regional Director Dr. Mrinal Chatterjee, section officer Kedarnath Jena along with all the teachers and staffs performed Yoga at the Yoga hall of the Institute.

During the afternoon a programme named ‘Yoga and healthy Life’ was organized virtually where Assistant Professor Dr. Jyoti Prakash Mohapatra said, ” Yoga is important for everyone, by yoga mental and physical problems can be solved to a great extent. Yoga’s contribution is great in taking humans forward towards positive direction. Yoga is not just a physical practice, it keeps human mind, soul and heart healthy. It has been know from many research that performing yoga in regular and particular time puts deep impact on health and mind. Also performing yoga helps in controlling weight and having good sleep. If someone have a good sleep, the next day it also have positive impact.“Yoga is one type of life insurance, even if not much time, one should do yoga for 10-15 minutes and he himself can feel the difference within him. So, everybody should do yoga,” he said.

Assistant Professor Sambit Pal Said, ” Yoga not only gives physical power but also awakens our spiritual power. Also the level of consciousness increases. The role of yoga is unmatched in bringing human mind to concentration.”

Academic coordinator Jitendra Pati said, “Practicing Pranayam 15 minutes a day can notice it’s positive impact, basically young people should definitely perform pranayam daily. This will increase their willpower and also body will be healthy.”

in the evening, a special radio feature on yoga prepared by the Odia Journalism students was broadcast. The feature was based on the importance of Yoga, it’s impact on health and mind and about international Yoga Day. The feature garnered wide appreciation.

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