IIT Startup Hyderabad Launched World’s Most Affordable N-95 Mask

IIT Startup Hyderabad Launched World’s Most Affordable N-95 Mask

According to the researchers of ISRO, N-95 masks are the most effective in countering the spread of the Coronavirus, which also proclaims that any mask is better than no mask at preventing Covid-19.

The researchers noted airborne transmission by respiratory produced during Coughing or sneezing is the most dominant mode of spreading Covid-19.

According to a study, it is found that N-95 masks are most effective in reducing the horizontal spread of cough, where it minimizes the cough’s initial velocity up to a factor of 10 and limits its reach to 0.1 and0.25 meters.

An uncovered cough may reach up to 3 meters, and a simple disposable mask can bring this fall down to 0.5 meters.

Health care entrepreneurship at the Indian Institute Of Technology announced its latest entity, U-safe Healthcare. It is an innovation-driven enterprise, which is currently focusing on protective equipment against Covid-19.

U-safe has developed and commercialized the world’s most affordable mask, which claims as highly durable and adheres to the highest safety standards for operating in a fractional environment.It can cost about Rs 13 per day which is arrived as pocket friendly mask to combat the daily consuming one time use mask.

With a vision to provide high-quality protection and healthcare industry and its frontline workers, U-safe’s respiratory mask has a 98.03% filtration rate with a 99.7% bacterial filtration rate, which could be much better than N-95 masks.

The homegrown innovation in tune with the “Make in India” and Atmanirbhar Bharat aspirations the US9 respirator mask has proved significant while collaborating with the Indian Institute of Hyderabad. 

The aspirations leading to self-reliance are moving in gradual development and innovations, creating opportunities. Monitoring needs and vocal for local has undoubtedly emphasized the upcoming generation.

The mask is currently provided to a few hospitals in Hyderabad and would soon be available across India. These masks would undoubtedly cut down the cost and bio waste as healthcare workers or doctors uses atleast two masks per day.

Written by- Mousami jena
Image courtsey- Google

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