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IITs Look To Shed ‘Engineering School’ Tag, As NEP Thrusts On Multidisciplinary Education

IITs Look To Shed 'Engineering School' Tag, As NEP Thrusts On Multidisciplinary Education
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Educational institutions all over India will change from being a single discipline to the multidisciplinary institute in the next few years. To begin with, Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) across the country seem to take the lead in this process.

This is not just because only the institutes want to have a diverse pool of candidates studying at the IITs. Still, it is also in the direction of what the government as per The National Education Policy 2020.

The policy said that this would help build vibrant communities of scholars and peers, break down harmful silos, enable students to become well-rounded across disciplines including artistic, creative, and analytic subjects.

Be it IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur or IIT Roorkee; the institutes are now gradually expanding their non-engineering base, to ensure that students from all academic backgrounds can study at the premier institute. The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, expects that by 2030 all higher education institutes should become multidisciplinary.

Like for example in it’s the latest addition, IIT Kharagpur in August 2020, has inaugurated its Academy of Classical and Folk Arts on its campus. This academy will offer training on fine arts, music and other related performing arts.

But the concern that remains is funding, in Budget 2020, an amount of Rs 7,332 crore was allocated for the 23 IITs. This was an 11.8 per cent year to year increase compared to Rs 6,559.95 crore of FY20 revised estimate. However, industry officials said that each IITs would require atleast Rs 500 crore additionally to have fully functional multidisciplinary schools of education.

Now, institutions are looking forward to further assistance and plans of the government.

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