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Illegal Trade In Bathinda Villages On High rise

Illegal Trade In Bathinda Villages On High rise
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The illegal trade of liquor has been burgeoning in the rural areas of Bathinda, one of the oldest cities in Punjab. The Bir Talab Basti Area in the district has gravely caught the eye of district and excise officials.

It is the area which has become the fulcrum of the whole illegal trade. The trade is run with the price of the liquor, which is placed at Rs 100 per bottle. It is encased in a pack of two bottles, on the contrary; the amount of a standard primary country-made liquor is Rs 250 per bottle.

Besides, the sources also revealed that their proscribed business was not only flourishing in the village, but people from the city and nearby villages have been their frequent customers. “There was a demand, so people prepare and sell it.” a youth said. On Saturday, nonetheless, the Bathinda police arrested the accused and seized an ample amount of ‘lahan’ from their houses.

Jaskaran Singh, Inspector General of Police, Bathinda Range, stated, “This issue is in my notice, and there is zero tolerance towards illicit liquor. We have identified pockets, which include the Bir Talab area, where this practice is going on and the police are regularly keeping tabs and conducting raids.”, as reported.

Dismally, the local villagers also mentioned that even after the lodging of frequent complaints against this trade, no stern action had been allegedly taken by the concerned officials.

It would not be amiss to believe that the illegal liquor trade has become significant highlights lately in the districts of Punjab, India. On 19th May, on the behest of Chief Minister Capt Amrinder Singh, the Bathinda police had levied 14 persons under the Excise Act in a single day and had promptly seized illicit liquor in abundance.

They undertook the stringent action of conducting raids in the similar area, Bir Talab Basti capturing Manjit Singh with 45-litre ‘Lahan’, and a bottle of country-made liquor, and Jasvir Singh with 200-litre Lahan, and others.

Undoubtedly, These illegal hooch trade tacitly encourages the consumption of liquor not only among the alcohol addicts, but it stimulates the youth and children to bear it.

Moreover, the mere consumption of liquor jeopardizes the health, but the buying and selling of the spurious liquor stoke it at the most exceptional level. It’s high time that the officials should perform a vigilant check in the villages; the situation demands rigorous action and should not allow the chief offenders to get scot-free.

Article written by Yogita Malhotra

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