In an Interview with Master Er. Soumyabrata Sahoo

Master Er. Soumyabrata Sahoo is the Founder and Chairman of Gurudevji Foundation and is the Director cum Chief Instructor of Mission Suraksha, a robust initiative which is aimed to provide free Self defense techniques to girls and women across the State. He is also the founder of Shakti Vahini, Gurudevji Gurukul and a few organisations. He is popularly known as ‘Master Gurudevji’ among his students, friends and loved ones. He has been associated with various associations and organizations, handling in various positions and capacities. He has completed B Tech in Mechanical Engineering and LLB and based in Dhenkanal. Due his strong commitment towards the community and society and his regular social works, he has been garnering appreciations and best wishes. Also he is the recipient of multiple awards and recognition and felicitations for his work. The Interview Times had an opportunity to have a conversation with him through questionnaire, below are the answers he responded to The Interview Times –
Q1- You are the Founder of Gurudevji Foundation, can you please tell about the activities your foundation is conducting regularly?
Answer – Gurudevji Foundation is a foundation where many youth and adults are working for the development of the society. Gurudevji Foundation is conducting various social activities like blood donation, sapling plantation, food distribution, book distribution, educational awareness, free life skill teaching, cleanness programs, youth motivation programs and many other activities too.
Q2- Can you please tell us in details about ‘Mission Suraksha’?
Answer – Mission Suraksha was started in the year 2012. It provides free self defense trainings to women and girls. In 2015 I have started it in a big level, till now I have already organised 525 free self defense workshops at various places of the State.
Q3- You do many social works, can you please tell us what motivates you for that?
Answer – I am always dedicated to do something for the society, that’s why I choose a path where I can help someone. I involved myself in lot of social service like if someone needs blood I do make arrangements for that and collect donors. I have already donated blood for 34 times and organised more than 30 blood donation camps. In the every year I am planting many tress medicinal trees also. We are also distributing plants to blood donors, social workers and felicitate them. I am also doing food distribution program to animal stray animals, providing water to birds, it gives me immense happiness. We are also conducting various cleanliness program, like cleaning pond, drainage and cleaning plastic from tourist places in our locality.
Q4- How you schedule your day to day activities?
Answer – I start my day with meditation. After that I open my log book as per the work and activities mentioned, I execute it one by one. I have a personal log book, and I write everything before going to bed. Before one day I write the work and activities for tomorrow and also in the next day I put tick mark after completing the work.
Q5- You have started many Organisations, Can you please tell us about it?
Answer – In my life I have created Mission Suraksha, Gurudevji Gurukul, Amateur Taekwondo Association of Dhenkanal, Shakti Vahini, Art of Smilling and many more organisations.
Q6- What you love to do in free time when you’re at home ?
Answer – When I am at home I like to read books, playing guitar and also past activity report, and also watch my past photo albums, and thinks of rectifying past errors, when we work hard and remove the errors we will definitely get the success.

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