In bullying teachers online, students turn moral paupers

In bullying teachers online, students turn moral paupers

The onset of the pandemic Covid-19 has brought significant changes in the lives of humans around the globe. The virus made the people resort to the changes which were unimaginable and scary in the beginning.

To everyone’s surprise, everyone understood that humans have the ability to survive through difficult times by discovering newer survival methods as a part of new normal.

While being locked in, people forged bonds with each other better than ever, there was a steep rise in mental health issues and cases of domestic violence, online bullying and harassments.

Although the economy has been hit and run over by the vehicle of corona in such a brutal way that life has started to seem hopeless, in order to keep the normal lifestyle in a run, WFH (or Work from Home) has been introduced for people to keep their basic income intact.

While, WFH has provided a safe working environment for some people, it has become a grave concern for others. Online classes aren’t a new thing in India. Various educational companies are climbing the success ladder due to their ability to reach each and every student around the nook and corner of the country through technology.

Although it is a great initiative for teachers as well as students to decrease the gap of physical distance through the same interest of a thirst for knowledge, it has become a bane for the teachers who have spent their entire lives in conventional teaching methods.

In order to survive through the pandemic and keep the education going on, the government gave the order to make online teaching classes compulsory for every student and teacher.

Therefore, all the teachers started to hoard a tripod stand, a black or a white board, chalks, markers and most importantly learnt how to use technology to their advantage.

However, it was easier said than done. In recent days, viral news has come to light where an aged teacher was abused and harassed while taking online classes. The post went viral after an Instagram account, Ted The Stoner shared a picture talking about a 55-year-old teacher’s ordeal.

The account also shared an important message on why students should not abuse teachers. The caption talked about how teachers are helpless like any of us during these changing times.

It sheds light on the teaching patterns that have changed during the pandemic. It has also created a lot of pressure on teachers. It was a thought provoking post which really made people teary eyed and forced everyone to ponder over where we have reached in the name of advanced civilization.

The basic sense of empathy, understanding and respect seems to be vanishing with the passage of time. In India, we are taught that if one wants to find God, one should look at his teacher.

Teachers are the mirror who shows us the right pathway to live our lives. Yet, in the era of social validation in the name of coolness, we have turned to notoriety which has forgotten to distinguish itself with harassments.

The youth forget that the older generation is trying to keep up with the fast pace of the world. The 55 -year -old teacher, for whom the online zoom classes were a completely new thing, had asked his daughter to teach him how it works.

When he sets up the camera, the white board and started to teach with shivering hands when the nervousness grips him, one of the students made an unknown ID and started to abuse him with various derogatory words and threatened him.

This confused him and out of embarrassment, he shouted and then ended the session. For the students, it was fun and cool, yet for the teacher and several other teachers like him, it is traumatic as they face the same ordeal in a never-ending cycle.

For us, who grew up with computers and 3G phones, it’s easier to understand and adapt to newer technologies. And still, many of us often struggle with new software and devices. But when it comes to the older generation, one that never got a formal introduction to computers and smartphones, it’s undeniably a lot more taxing.

Yet, look how unforgiving and pathetic we’ve become to harass and humiliate a teacher trying to do the best for his students! Various such cases have been reported where the lady teachers too, have been verbally abused and harassed by various students through unknown IDs.

They have commented on their bodies, looks and are given death threats as well. The entire life’s hard work that the teachers do to gain respect vanishes due to the absence of our basic moral education.

Our lack of consideration, empathy, a flawed idea of validation and aggression has made us bestial enough to harass whoever we feel doesn’t match up with our pace.

The question is, can we do something about it? Yes. We as sensible students have to make sure to be considerate towards our teachers who are teaching us online for the first time. Even if we do not like some of them, we can calmly leave the session but shouldn’t disrupt their confidence and morale for our personal issues during online classes.

We have to help our fellow classmates to understand the basic concept of kindness so that they do not do something sick in the name of fun. The institutions should adequately train and equip their teaching staffs who need help with learning new technologies and taking virtual classes. If a bit of care and concern is shown, many issues occurring during online classes will simply be out in no time and things will return to normalcy.

Article Written By Ishani Panda

Image Source: Google

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