In Conversation with Advocate and Travel Enthusiast Nupur Jain


Nupur Jain is an advocate, having graduated from the Rizvi Law College in Mumbai in 2018 and obtained her Master’s degree in Intellectual property law from the University of Mumbai. She was a visiting faculty member at Government Law College, where she taught environmental law. In 2023, she was accepted my IIM Calcutta to pursue their Executive Programme in Business Management in Corporate Law. Her specialization includes Wills, Prenuptial agreements, drafting of notices and consumer complaints, dispute resolution and Intellectual property rights. Nupur is also a travel enthusiast. Let us know more about her in this exclusive Interview with Interview Times.

Q1) Namaste Nupur! Welcome to this interview with Interview Times, we are so glad to have you here. Tell us about the moment when you started travelling.

Ans : Namaste Subhechcha.Thank you for having me here. My travelling experience started when I was 5 years old. We had often visited hill stations in Maharashtra, like Lonavala and Mahabaleshwar. But my first 10-day road trip to Rajasthan with my family and the second one to the forests of Bandhavgarh and Kanha in Madhya Pradesh. Both these trips were so memorable that I ended up revisiting them a couple of times. And since then, there has been no stopping me.

Q2) Advocacy and travel are quite different realms. How do you manage to carry both together with equal interest and love?

Ans : I make it a point that every 3 months I take a 3-4 days short holiday to rejuvenate myself. But after a point that became a little difficult, I started to include my love for travel in my work trips. I either go a day prior or stay after completion of my work for a day or two. It’s like the best of both worlds. This way I am able to do my work and explore the city, the cuisine, the street food and sightseeing. Luckily, my work takes me all over the country or this wouldn’t have been possible.

Q3) In the 21st century a lot of people opt for online entertainment mediums. The trait of travelling is almost getting lost due to busy life or personal interest. Being a travel enthusiast why do you feel that travelling is important for people?

Ans : Every field of work has its pros and cons, but the biggest con in an Advocate’s life is the long working hours. Travelling is that one activity which always helps me take my mind off things. It’s like my safe zone. It helps me rejuvenate and put all the stress and negative thoughts aside. My favourite part of any trip is trying out the cuisine, especially the street food which are like little bursts of flavour in your mouth and of course shopping. The handicrafts make me realise and appreciate the rich cultural heritage of India. Solo travelling has also helped me boost my confidence and overcome my fears and insecurities. Hence, I feel travel should be an important part of everyone’s life.

Q4)You have also taken up several social welfare work like taking care of stray animals. Do tell us more about this initiative .

Ans : Since the past 15 years me and my mom have been feeding and caring for stray animals. Other than their food, we have also taken care of ABC (Animal Birth Control) and vaccination of the strays. I personally vaccinate 60% of stray dogs, it is safe for both, the dog and humans.

During COVID, we have spent most of our time in feeding the strays of Vile Parle East, Mumbai as the volunteer strength had gone down drastically.

I am also a member of Being Animal Foundation, Mumbai and we feed more than 400 stray animals on a daily basis.

Very recently, I have been bestowed with the Bharat Gaurav Ratna Samman Award for Social Work and Law.

Q5)You have received the Title od 100 India Inspiring Women by Fox Story India. Tell us about your experience and are their any thoughts in the pipeline that you want to work on?

Ans : It was an honour to be even considered for the title of  100 Indian – Inspiring Women by Fox Story India and I am humbled to have been bestowed with the title. In the last 3 months, I have been honoured with 13 awards and I am still trying to process all of it. But it has been an amazing and fruitful experience so far.

When I was pursuing a Master’s in Law, we had no access to any guides or study material. With work, it was extremely difficult to research the study material in the library. So, I recently signed a contract with Write Order Publications to publish LL.M. textbooks and guides on my behalf. I hope this will facilitate pursuing a master’s degree in law for professionals. So this is one of the things that I am looking forward to.

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