In Conversation with Author Ashreeta Mohanty about Importance of Financial Stability for Women

Interview Questions by Psychologist Roger Harris


Financial Independence is an important topic of discussion and who would be best to convey the message to the youth of Today, other than the Authors. The International and National Authors Panel with us has extreme knowledge , experience and have paved their way with their work. Thus we have received the Golden Opportunity tied up with Interview Times to do an interview on the Topic “Financial Stability for Women with Psychologist Roger Harris”.


Q1) Hi Ashreeta! This is Roger Harris, we are so glad to have you on this platform. Please do tell us more about yourself,your author’s journey.


Ans: I’m an ITES professional having nearly 10 years of work experience in various domains. Currently, I am working in an academic research and event management company in Odisha and staying with my husband in Adipur, Gujarat.


Writing is my hobby. My endless love towards literature started from school days. I used to guest blog on different websites about socio-economic issues, geopolitics, work-life balance, personality development, lifestyle etc. This journey has almost come to an end after my marriage. Due to the constant encouragement from my husband, I restarted my writing journey. And thanks to social media I was able to be a part of the writing community again. Now, I am associated with various publication houses and contributed as a co-author in some of the great anthologies. I am enjoying my writing journey in recent times and wish to explore more versatile opportunities. I am also going to publish my solo book on “Mental Health and Spirituality” any time soon.


Q2) Why do you feel becoming Financially independent is important and is necessary for people?


Ans: With financial independence comes a sense of security, responsibility, and self-confidence. This is better for our psychological well-being. This is the most important reason to be financially independent I feel in today’s world.


Q3) This is a very serious question and we need your understanding and take on it. So by profession I am a psychologist, in my years of career I have noticed that a lot of women who are financially well off, do submit a cut of their money or often give out their entire income to their male counterparts. Why do you think this is the case?


Ans: Maybe it’s due to the authoritativeness of Men in their life. A few of the women have that surrendering attitude as well. This can be a reason behind it. Nowadays, we’re seeing this scenario a bit less than it was earlier in our country.


Q4) Do you feel financial independence has some say in putting one’s voice forward anraising voices on issues like abuse and domestic violence?


Ans: Definitely yes! Financial stability gives a woman freedom to make choices that are associated with her values, self-respect and aspirations.


Q5) As an author what should be one quote that you want to share on Financial Independence.


Ans: Financial Independence is not just about money. It’s more for the security and the power of decision making that comes with it.

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