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After years in the automotive business, in and around the United States, Mr. Brian Hill moved to the desert of Southern Utah. It was in early 2018 where the red-rocks of the area, inspired some hidden creativity. 

He started to write poetry.  He had a goal to write one poem every day, with a serious wonder if it could be done, at least by him. Well, almost 3 years later and close to 800 poems, rants, thoughts, and crazy words, have been written. Who would have thought that an old Harley riding, mountain biking, serious powder and mogel skier, had any creative juices inside his head. Interview Times had a detailed discussion with him, below are the excerpts,

1- What motivated you to become a writer?

ANSWER: Until I moved to the desert of Southern Utah my writings were nothing to shout about. After living in the area for about a week I began my day with a cup of coffee and a thought in my mind that needed to be put on paper.  I found that this activity was very fulfilling and started doing it daily. My goal was to write one poem a day till my mind quit churning out desirable thoughts. Three years later I haven’t missed many mornings with my coffee, my iPad, and my thoughts.

2-   What kind of genre do you love to write and why?

ANSWER: I don’t think I have a particular genre. I rhyme, haiku, free verse, serious verse, silly verse, and so on. The subject matter depends on what happened yesterday in my world. 

3- How do you source ideas for writing your books?

ANSWER: If someone during the day says something of interest, it could very well be a subject for writing. If I hear a quote in a movie that could be the subject as well.  I have applications (apps) that I use almost every day.  Pallet is an app that lists hundreds of words, in no particular order, that I study and see if any spark my brain to use.  It never fails to deliver something. The other app is Rhyme Zone. It helps immensely with all rhyming sounds, words, and synonyms that can be used in all poems.

4-  Can you please elaborate about your recent book?

ANSWER: This first book, is just that, my first batch of poems. I now have over 800 written and more coming every day.  I sincerely hope that people enjoy my words so I can share some more.

5- Apart from writing what else you love to do and why?

ANSWER: I have always been a very active guy.  I ski and I ski very steep and deep snow.  I hike and play Pickle Ball with my wife Leslie.  I am a very avid Mountain Biker and active in all aspects of that sport here in Southern Utah.

6- Can you please tell us about your experience from writing?

ANSWER: My experience with writing has been an experience in living differently. I pay much more attention to the natural details that come across each of us every day.  What happens in a normal conversation often creates a thought, rant, poem, or words for tomorrow.

7- What is your success mantra?

ANSWER: My success mantra has to be “pay attention to what is going on around me.”  The spirit of today is important. Listening to what the characters in movies have to say for inspiration. Listen to your friends for subject matter.  Just pay attention. And ask Leslie how hard it is for ME to pay attention.

8- What are your future goals?

ANSWER: My future goals are to continue writing something every day till my mind gives up. That’s my writing goal. My life goal is to stay happy, love my wife, and see the world with her.

Image Courtesy : Mr. Brian Hill

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