In Conversation with Author Meera Bhansali


The journey of curating a solo book is an exhilarating one . The author has to plan and also overcome a lot of challenges . Let us know about the Journey of Meera Bhansali.

Q1) How did you understand your calling as an author ? What was your first writing experience ?

My first writing experience was when I was in school, and had learnt about rhyming words, and it was fun naking poems with rhymes

Q2) How did you decide the plot for “Speck”. Give us a short brief about the book .

“Speck” comes under the Gothic genre, which deals with paranormal, and the psychological aspects. Speck is part 1 of the series . It is a colloection of poetries that are related with topics that the society refrains from acknowledging. Slowly though the secne is changing. Mental awarness is increasing.

Q3) Nowadays a majority of the youth is much more focused on social media rather than reading books. What is your view on this topic ?

Social media like any other thing has it’s own curse & boon. Yes youngsters are buying less physical books but then again.. there are ebooks, n audible books. So the concept of “reading” as such itself is changing.. and it is an inevitable change. We as authors need to keep ourselves updated and prepared for the change,and also make use of this very social media to promote the habit of actual reading.

Q4) What challenges did you face as an author ?Kindly attach the links of your book so that the readers can get a grasp on these beautiful reads.

Ans: As an author, I found it difficult initally to discipline myself to write on a daily basis. Once that was done, I was confused about type of publications and all such things.The digital part of it, and how to do all that .. is sometimes still confusing.. but well.. as I said you need to update and upgrade yourself .

Q5) We know that there is a lot of hard work that goes behind the launching of books .From preparing the final manuscript to writing the first draft till publishing. Tell us how your experience was and to whom would you dedicate your success in this entire process?

Ahhh. yes. it is a difficult process. My success is definetly dedicated to, my family and friends,who definetly find mention in my book and the publication house “Heartbeat Rhythm” and the whole team. They gave me guidance, and were patient even to teach me how to edit my own book.Ofcoz once it was done, they even helped me publish it. Anshu, believed in my vision and the coverpage design.

The link for my book



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