In Conversation with Author Ms. Rashmi Shukla


Ms Rashmi Sharma is an author and has authored the book Marichi Ki Doriyan. She has also authored two anthologies and has interest in Driving and Reading. She has also been awarded and given recognitions in various platforms. Let us know more about her in this interview.

Q1) How did you understand your calling as an author ? What was your first writing experience ?

Ans :Frankly,it was just incidently I wrote few lines while I was in 8th std while helping Mom in her kitchen.My very first composition is also titled as my Mom’s Kitchen.

Q2) How did you decide the plot for “Marichi Ki Doriyan”. Give us a short brief about the book .

Ans :”This book –   being my first solo publication, is all about the realms with various shades of life I have gone , heard or witnessed so far       After writing rigorously, day and night about my thoughts ,views and conversations with brim of styles and persona of people thought to bring all the compositions under one roof.

Q3) Nowadays a majority of the youth is much more focused on social media rather than reading books. What is your view on this topic ?

Ans : Ya,that’s very unfortunate phase we are witnessing these days. But in my opinion without reading any knowledge is simply incomplete. Reading others gives a very different perspective and various views on even a simple topic. For indepth and comprehensive look towards life, reading is extremely important.

Q4) Kindly attach the link of your book so that the readers can get a grasp on these beautiful read. Also kindly say how do you strike a balance between your hobbies and work.

Ans :please check on the links below and grab your copies. 1)




Also I would just like to say hardwork never fails neither dedication goes invain.

Just focus on work while relaxing and taking short breaks to rejuvenate yourself to perform better.

Q5) We know that there is a lot of hard work that goes behind the launching of books .From preparing the final manuscript to writing the first draft till publishing. Tell us how your experience was and to whom would you dedicate your success in this entire process?

Ans : Ya ,saying it as just my thing would be wrong, for any creation be it books or even art there are series of people involved in the whole process to make and see the final product. I would like to thank God who helped me overcome through every challenge that came my way.

I’m glad people are liking it.


Thank you

Rashmi Shukla

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