In Conversation with Banker and Author Renu Mangtani

by Subhechcha Ganguly

A Mumbaikar who is Versatile in her own Way and loves to work round the clock. Meet Renu Mangtani a passionate personality who believes that “Confidence is something you create within yourself by believing in who you are” ” The Banker by Profession and Author by Passion” She has appreciable interest in writing . Apart from her book, The Height of Life in 24 Rains , she has recently gained a lot of limelight for her social work. Let us know about what inspires her and how she has taken up social work, in her hectic schedule.

Tell us about your book . What is the response of the readers about your book?

Author Renu Mangtani ‘s ” The Height Of Life in 24 Rains” is into limelight and it is praised by renowned celebrities and it is also been placed in Top 10 Books in Times of India Allahabad “It’s the Journey of Banker, Author, Celebrity Queen”Renu Mangtani ” Don’t Miss It….


The Book’s Sparkling Title is given by the Master Numerologist Abhishaik Chitraans Sir who is My Life Coach and Consultant and I would like to take a minute here and thank him for suggesting the ever Superb title for my Dream Solo Book…The Unforgettable Moment for the Author is when the author signed copies were shared with Avinesh Rekhi & Anjali Tatrari (Best Onscreen Couple) Nivedita Basu (Indian Television Producer) and the Grand Launching and news coverage of the book was also covered by Bollywood Mumbai…

Tell us something about your recent social works

I haven’t done much yet , but with whatever I can ,I have made a few contributions and luckily they have brought smiles in a lot of faces. Recently I have sponsored a workshop on nutrition for We For You which is a self driven initiative by youngsters. I have also taken part in few initiatives where I have distributed educational kits to children, shawls and clothes to under privileged.


Tell us something about your movement in helping The Tribal Women

I always had a huge admiration for Tribal Work. Also I believe that , any kind of contribution from the society does not always have to be direct. I prefer buying items that the Tribal Women make . They make beautiful items . Recently I have bought a very beautiful Handmade shawl where representations of Indian History – Mahabharata was done by Thread Work.  It was one of the most beautiful fabric. Also buying from them , gives them a boost of confidence and more than everything else it is also about appreciating their tremendous hard work.After all bringing smile on their face what could be best than this…!!!!

What is your purpose in  life when it comes to social work?

My purpose is to inspire people to help others with whatever little they can contribute. The smile one sees in their faces when one tries to stand beside the community is priceless. I believe we don’t need to uplift them , we need to stand by them to support their endeavours.


Renu Mangtani

Banker|Author| Model|Celebrity Queen|Influencer|World Record Holder|Social Activist

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