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In Conversation With Bhushita Ahuja: A Chess Prodigy, An Author And Samvedna Founder

Bhushita Ahuja

Bhushita Ahuja is a UNESCO’s Millennium Indian writer who has authored Open Your Wardrobe For Answers, in which she has tried to unmask the untapped subject of clothing psychology. A multi-skilled individual, Delhi State U-17 women chess champion who believes in the pursuit of excellence. At the age of 15, Bhushita Ahuja, along with Bhavik Ahuja, founded the Samvedna Foundation. An organization currently teaching 250+ underprivileged kids online joined by 20 coaches and has collaborated with major NGOs like Sewa Bharti, Pratham, and Katha. 

Along with her upcoming book on Gender Inequality, Bhushita has also aimed to reach out to 1000+ underprivileged kids, expanding to 15 states in India through her organization.

Without further delay, let’s jump into the conversation with Bhushita Ahuja, a chess prodigy, an author, and the founder of Samvedna.

In Conversation With Bhushita Ahuja: A Chess Prodigy, An Author And Samvedna Founder 1

Can you tell our readers about your journey as an author? How did it happen? 

As an author, my journey began as I started extensively researching my subject of interest, clothing psychology, and formulating my learnings by stringing together words. The transformation from a writer to an author requires a strong sense of commitment and inner passion. Writing a book should not be treated as you please chore. It should come naturally to you. This can only happen when you’re keen to know more about a subject. Hence I would say my journey as an author has been quite pleasurable, and it didn’t take me much time to gather relevant content. 

Tell us about your book Open your wardrobe for answers. How did you come up with this idea and genre?

I came up with the idea of writing about clothing psychology because I am inclined towards it. Our family business is a part of the fashion industry, I love to shop for clothes, and I have always loved dressing up. This is the reason my interest in this subject amplified exponentially. Moreover, I am quite an explorer by nature, and this topic was something I had never heard about. It made me curious and intrigued me to do some digging into this matter.

In Conversation With Bhushita Ahuja: A Chess Prodigy, An Author And Samvedna Founder 2

Would you like to tell our readers more about it? 

Open your wardrobe for answers is a self-help book that covers the untapped subject of clothing psychology. Aimed at the youth, this book is an ideal crash course on all things fashion. The book begins by addressing the importance of the first impression. It talks about the five types of personality and how dressing habits are affected by it. The book further covers color psychology and suggestions from Vedic scriptures on what should be worn when. In addition to this, Open Your Wardrobe for Answers enlists fascinating facts about dress psychology and includes fun activities that can be used to overcome the everyday wardrobe crisis. All in all, a short and sweet book; it is beneficial to those who want to understand themselves better by interpreting their style and wardrobe patterns!

Do you find your writing style different from the conventional ones? 

Yes, I would say I do have a distinct way of putting my thoughts together. While most conventional works I have read use complicated diction and a choice of challenging vocabulary, I like to keep my writings comprehensive and straightforward. I also follow a balanced style of penning down my thoughts, keeping it a mixture of argumentative and opinionated. In addition to this, as an open-minded individual, I like to explore topics in totality-looking at it from different lenses and diverse perspectives rather than the typical approach. These are the reasons why I feel that my style of writing is unique. 

For a new author, self-publishing is always the answer. How do you weigh self-publishing over traditional publishing? 

Both self-publishing and traditional publishing aim to release your book into the market. The difference between the two is that self-publishing is a more straightforward method with lesser obstacles, and traditional publishing is a little harder. In my opinion, I feel that both methods are equally good; both have their pros and cons. Whichever way suits you better, you should go with that. 

In Conversation With Bhushita Ahuja: A Chess Prodigy, An Author And Samvedna Founder 3

What is your take on gender inequality in India? Do you wish for any changes? If yes, can you suggest any? 

I feel gender inequality is a big issue that we are facing even in 2020. It’s ingrained in every aspect of human existence- may it be language, culture, religion, or economics. Women are still considered subordinate to men, and often the society forgets that this world is shared by both genders mutually; our existence is because of a woman. Still, it is disappointing to hear about rape and assault cases every day, clearly reflecting the present situation for females- they are living in a world where they are severely objectified and stereotyped. If I were to create a change in this spectrum, I would suggest that authorities increase the legal marital age so that women are not pressured to leave their studies. Moreover, I would ideally target the prehistoric conservative mindset regarding women and their roles and change the concept of household patriarchy, providing both genders equal societal respect and credit. 

Do you have any upcoming books? 

Yes, indeed! Being a female myself, I am quite interested in the roots of gender inequality and how this issue has shaped the world we live in today. My next book is called ‘Why womankind doesn’t exist?’ It looks at the problem from various angles and analyses courses of action. I’ve been researching this issue for quite some time and hope to get this book ready soon. I also aspire to explore other psychologies and continue the series I have started. 

Can you guide the new authors trying to pave their way in?

Believe in yourself. Every journey has obstacles; to achieve something, you need to go through a lot. We are living in a highly populated world where millions of people write. What makes you stand apart and reach the finishing line is your conviction. Thomas Edison failed a thousand times, JK Rowling was rejected multiple times before Harry Potter became the most prominent sensation… what I’m trying to say here is, don’t fear failure- treat everything as an opportunity. Let every fall be a stepping stone because the journey to success is one with several golden learnings. Keep at it, continue to give your best. Don’t leave any stone unturned, and most importantly, instead of worrying about the final result, focus on your present and make sure you put in your best. 

In Conversation With Bhushita Ahuja: A Chess Prodigy, An Author And Samvedna Founder 4

Apart from being an author, you also have co-founded Samvedna. Would you like to talk about it?

Samvedna was started last year in September 2019. It aims to spread chess in the underprivileged sections of society, providing well-deserving students with the opportunities to grow. We have conducted the DCA-Samvedna Tournament in 2019, sponsored by Ahujasons, ONGC, and Punjab Kesari. Sports Minister Shri Kiran Rijiju and Shri Gautam Gambhir endorsed the event and were the chief guests. During the lockdown, we have organized nine online tournaments. 

We also have online Shatranj Paathshaala, where we are teaching 250+ underprivileged kids from around seven states in India. 


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