In conversation with budding author Dr. Nivedha Srinivasan

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Q1) What was your first experience of writing like? Since when did you start writing?

I started writing in 10th grade but wasn’t aware then, that it would become my passion later. I wrote a few pages and let it go. It was only in my 3rd year of college I picked up writing again. I started off by writing my first novel and later ventured into short stories. I really enjoyed the process of writing. It was a stress buster. Every time I wrote I felt I was in a bubble. Me, my story, and my characters.

Only after I received the reactions of my friends and family to my writing that I realised that maybe there was something more to this. I could share this with more people, in the hope that reading my stories can be their form of stress-busting.

Q2) How did you decide on the plot of “Missing – Until I found you one day?”

Honestly, as I wrote I had no predefined plot in my head. My only goal was to keep the reader hooked on to the book, with every twist and turn. And I believe I was able to achieve that goal.

Q3) We know there is a lot of hard work that goes behind the process of authoring a book. What was your experience like and how much time did it take?

It was an entirely new experience and so many things regarding post-publishing marketing still are. It was exciting and a little nerve-wracking, as I was putting up my work for the entire world to see. With the help of the publishing company I was working with and my father’s support, it took about 6 months. There were several rounds of editing, cover page designing, etc which I was doing alongside COVID duties and internship. This makes me feel grateful towards each and every one who was around me during those times.

Q4) Nowadays the youth have a special interest towards the romantic genre. Who is your favorite author in the same genre and why?

Author Amish. Even though he is famous for his take on Indian mythology, his Shiva trilogy beautifully brought out the blossoming and growth of a relationship with equal amounts of friendship, love, respect, and trust, through Shiva and Sati’s love story. I believe that’s how love should be.
Q5) Do you feel reading books improves a person’s writing abilities? Let us know more about it.

Yes, I definitely think it does. Reading various books will open the mind to various possibilities and show there is no limit to imagination. You can create a world of your own through your writing and someone else can read what you wrote and get lost in the same world. That’s the beauty of writing, which I feel is enhanced by reading and exploring other worlds/books.

Q6) What is the advice you want to give young authors who want to take up writing in the future?
Whatever you do, do it because you want to. Only because you enjoy it. Making money out of it and becoming famous is an added bonus to the rush you feel when you have a story in your heart and pour it out on paper.

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