Home Personality Times In Conversation with Food Bloggers: Aastha and Rishabh of Wanderers of Delhi

In Conversation with Food Bloggers: Aastha and Rishabh of Wanderers of Delhi

In Conversation with Food Bloggers: Aastha and Rishabh of Wanderers of Delhi
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Interview times had a great time interacting with the food bloggers Aastha and Rishabh, who take time out to pursue their passion for food blogging from their teaching profession. As the blog title suggests, Wanderers of Delhi, the food enthusiasts share salivating recipes and exuberate their love for food by exploring the flavorful street food of Delhi to find a uniqueness in them.

Yogita: How and when did you start your blogging journey?

When we were in college, we had a knack of exploring the street food; the seeds were planted from the beginning. We had attended a conference in our college in October 2016, where personalities from unconventional careers sparked our passion for starting our blog. We embarked on our journey in November 2016.

Tushant: Best place for food bloggers in Delhi?

We love to explore through the streets of Chandni Chowk and Jama Masjid. We usually get a good response on our blog when we cover these places. The price, variety, and taste fascinate viewers to these places. Our personal favourites are Rabri Faluda, Kulfi, chole kulche, Aslam Butter Chicken, etc.

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 Yogita: Did you expect gaining 142k on your food blog in the beginning?

Not at all! We just wanted to pursue something we desired. It’s overwhelming when we see 140k people following us & liking our content. During the initial days, it was difficult to balance food blogging and our careers both at the same time but slowly the page took up the pace and when in November 2017 we hit 25k then we decided to give this page the attention it required, be it 6 hours, 12 hours or even 24 hours of a day.

Tushant: Do food bloggers eat all the photos they take photos of?

No doubt, we eat everything because we are always in the company of our other bloggers’ friend. We can feel the difference in our bodyweight now and before 2016 (laugh). No doubt, we eat everything be it when we are in the company of our other blogger friends or mostly when we are alone we make sure to finish anything and everything that we order.

Tushant: Have you ever lied about the food of its taste, if you cannot let it go because it’s visually appealing?

There are times when things are not as good as it appears in the pictures, but then we do not share our experience because at times, we give the benefit of the doubt to the restaurant or the vendor that maybe it didn’t go well with our taste bud, but others might like it. And no doubt, there are certain joints which are overhyped.

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Yogita: How much time and money do you spend on one recipe of your blog?

There is no time limit for one recipe. However, I would say it’s most of our day. Before Covid-19, it was all hanging out, exploring, but during the lockdown, we have shifted to innovative recipes where we spend an entire day to make, shoot, edit, and upload.

We spend almost 50% of our salary on our blogging because we developed a habit of trying everything listed in the diner. And if you ask us, we do not regret that.

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Tushant: Any memorable event about your blogging career?

There was one memorable incident in January when we were in Cannaught place, and a girl out of nowhere came and said, Hey! I love your page; it left us flabbergasted. These moments are precious for us and keep us motivated. 

Yogita: What makes your blog different?

Unlike other food bloggers, we are not doing anything from a professional point of view; we are keeping it very natural to which our general viewers could connect. We do not give any vertical or horizontal angle to our picture, and we show the food as it is, no artificial light. And this is something I always recommend, don’t overdo it.

There was a time we were stuck at 126k for an entire year, i.e. in 2019. No one could explain to us why it was happening. We tried different hashtags, but nothing worked. Amid all, we never even had a thought of giving up. Despite being called a dead page, and jampacked schedules, we kept working for our page. This was the gloomy phase of our journey.

Tushant: Do you get endorsements?

Yes, we do get endorsements. In the lockdown, we got collaboration from various companies, and before lockdown, we used to get many offers from the restaurant. That’s the power of blogging.

Yogita: What challenges are you facing amid Covid-19 pandemic?

We used to go out like 4-5 times a day, and currently being cooped up at home has been troubling us. We are not getting ideas for content, and it’s challenging for everyone, but we overcome this by creating new recipes indoors for our audience. And by God’s grace, people have started appreciating us again.

Tushant: What are your visions?

We believe consistency is the only key. We want our page to grow as big as it can be, and for that, we are doing everything we could from dedicating our time, money and energy.

Interviewed by Tushant Baranwal and Yogita Malhotra

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