In conversation with Najma Zareen Author of Lub Dub of every heart

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Lub Dub of every heart is a very unique book that would touch the heart of all the readers .We would know more about it in the section “In conversation with the authors”.

Q1) When did you start writing or recognize your talent as an author ?

Ans :It’s actually very difficult to say when I started writing, but one thing is very sure I never thought of being an author. Looking at people and the conditions around me time to time and again I felt my thoughts must reach people and this is how the journey began.

Q2) How did you decide the plot for “lub dub of the heart “.

Ans :It was very essential for me that every  element of the book is in place to make sense to the reader and engage the reader in a way that my reader should feel that this book is for me.
Plot is the heart of this book because before writing lub dub of every heart I wrote many pages but it didn’t give me satisfaction as I was unable to sequence it in an order that I did with  Lub Dub of every heart.
The chapters of this book contain short stories, quotes, poems, pictures and notes to self.

Q3) Nowadays the youth is more attracted towards social media.They rarely read books .What do you think they are missing ? What is your response in this topic ?

Ans :Once a book lover is always a book lover.
I understand we are living in the digital age  and this is the same reason nowadays social platforms also give good coverage to books.
Considering time constraints also, people are coming up with summaries of books in the form of videos. If a person has interest then they will definitely find ways out
It’s all about will and desire.

Q4) What is your favourite genre of writing ?

Ans:As I mentioned earlier I never thought of being an author…however lub dub of every heart is a nonfiction book with valuable life lessons. it’s a self help book.
Let’s hope for the best in future, whether I continue to write with the same trend or make a shift.

Q5) Tell us about what went behind the process of Lub Dub of every heart .
(Like the time it took to write the entire stories and behind that )

Ans:The book contains beautiful pictures,  these are clicked by me and my family and it was a very thoughtful process. Quotes and poetry were written according to the theme . I wanted to write in an easy way, keeping it very simple. To keep it very simple I had to do a lot of hard work…
I never counted on days how much it took from start to end .

Q6) Who are the people who have contributed in your writing journey .Do you want to mention anyone ?

Ans:Lub dub of every heart is an outcome of day to day living.
My parents play a vital role in shaping my personality, which is reflected in my book.
Undoubtedly it was my husband’s wish that I should write. In a fun way he always said to me that I got caught in these quotes and strong inverted commas…and then he continues it must  be quoted, you must write.
My children played a source of inspiration and learning and helped me a lot with technology I cannot forget my readers without whom the writer can’t be a writer.

Happy to share with you all one poem which I wrote in July 1994.

Our Earth Today

The end of the visionary hour is close by,
Everyone on this earth will die.

We have to be ready for a motability ,
As there is an end to humanism and humanity.

It’s true man is lord of his hands,
But why is there destruction of land ?

Today on this earth everything is defile ,
We are longing for a rapture atleast for a while .

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