In Conversation with Renuka Gangan


Renuka Gangan is an alumna of IIM Kozhikode and has studied
finance. She is the founder of Nadabrahma and as a singer – songwriter, she
has composed and sung songs in Hindi, English and Marathi.
As a dreamer, lover of life, beauty, universe and human emotions she
mingles with words and calls them a poetry. Recently she has published her book “Love mince pie and some magic” with the “The Write Order Publications.” Below are the answers she responded to Interview Times Questionnaire:-

Q1- What inspired you to become a multi-talented personality?

Answer: There was never a goal to be multi-talented. But I have several interests and based on my mood, I like to indulge myself in varied activities. Monotony or working on one hobby or talent for hours is not something, I can deal with. So that need for change, makes me work on multiple interests at the same time.

Q2- Was a writing a book easy, could you please share your notion about this?

Answer: Writing a book was not easy for me, specially because I take time to put down my thoughts. But when it comes to poetry, everything falls in place, words, meaning, content, etc based on the emotions which get triggered because of a situation. Poetry just happens, so from that perspective it was easy. However, to include selected poems and write from the perspective of writing a book, does take some time and patience.

The key is to plan on what you want to include in the book and focus on writing accordingly.

Q3- Could you please elaborate something about your new book to our readers?

Answer: Love, Mince Pie and Some Magic is a collection of a few emotions which a woman in love feels.
The fire of love and its different traces, are being portrayed in the form of poetry. The real, imperfect, flawed and yet beautiful and magical world of a lover has been captured in this book.
The romance, longing, passion, pain, her feelings for her paramour that has been woven in the anarchy of words, will take you to a journey from the sun, moon, skies, to the depths of the ocean and from empty spaces to paradise.

Q4- Which one was more fun and exciting, writing a book or composing songs in different languages?

Answer: Writing is like pouring out your heart and feelings. It is like a personal journal which is not personal. So that is liberating and helps to express our thoughts.

Music though, is my first love. When I sing a song or make a song, it gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction, which cannot be described in words.

Singing can wipe out all the problems in no time. When I make a song, I will listen to it on a loop for days. Though both writing a poem and writing lyrics is similar. But making a song is more exciting and healing.

Q5- What message would you like to share with our readers?

Answer: Message of love and hope. In today’s world, where it is becoming a bit difficult to find genuine love. It is a small attempt, to instill the faith in true love and that love also means giving, sharing, gratitude, sacrifice and patience. Love is real and it is magic, if we believe and spread love.

Q6- What is your genre of writing?

Answer: I write whenever I feel some emotion, or if something affects me. Usually, I prefer to write anything which uplifts our souls. Either I write anything that inspires or motivates, through my writings or else I write poems on love and life.

Q7- What are your future goals?

Answer: As an author my goal is to write more and spread my thoughts and help people. I wish to spread positivity, happiness and love through my work.
Also, as a singer-songwriter and through my Music Production House, we will continue to share original songs and much more.

one can find her book “Love mince pie and some magic” on the link below,

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