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In Conversation with Sneha Priyadarshani Aka DreamboatSneha: A fashion, food, travel, and lifestyle blogger

In Conversation with Sneha Priyadarshani Aka DreamboatSneha: A fashion, food, travel, and lifestyle blogger
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“It’s never too late to unleash your creative potential”

Sneha left her five years of IT job to dive into the uncertainty of the glamour world, and currently, she is favourably writing her destiny with her passion. She is a fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle blogger who ardently believes in her ability and remains true to her striking originality. She has worked with various fashion brands and is dearly loved by her audience. 

Interview Times talked to her about her creative journey, struggle, and style quotient. 

In Conversation with Sneha Priyadarshani Aka DreamboatSneha: A fashion, food, travel, and lifestyle blogger 1

1. Switching from a full-fledged job to an influencer is an eye turner. What made you choose blogging as your career? How has your journey been so far? 

I always have been passionate about creative stuff. I loved makeup and got elated while creating fashionable look books. So, I started with writing blogs on WordPress 3.5 years ago, along with my full time IT job at the time. I also loved travelling and writing blogs on the places that I explored and used to share my experience.

With time, I realized I want to learn more about makeup, and I enrolled in a professional institute to learn makeup from Celebrity Makeup and Hairstylist. This was when I moved from Bangalore to Pune and returned to Mumbai after getting a certified makeup course.

I still needed to find out how I wanted to shape my career after learning a professional career as a Makeup Artist. Accidentally, I was contacted by a novice photographer for a fashion shoot just after my return to Pune. The shoot was a great experience, and I got great pictures, posted them on Instagram, and received well by the Instagram audience. 

When I was still figuring out how I wanted to pursue my interest in the creative field, on Instagram, I came across about the ongoing auditions for Miss Pune. I went for an audition, and I got shortlisted in Miss Pune finalist, even being the eldest among all the girls who participated.

Since my college days, I have loved Fashion shows and ramp walks, and I used to participate in fashion shows organized in my time in a corporate job. Being a Miss Pune Finalist gave me a chance to do ramp walk for some prominent fashion designers.

After getting a high from that and later finding out the whole new world of Instagram influencer (where I can be anything I want to be as a creative person), I was almost sure I wanted to pursue it as a full-time career.

In Conversation with Sneha Priyadarshani Aka DreamboatSneha: A fashion, food, travel, and lifestyle blogger 2

My journey has been a roller coaster, but I am ready to work hard and create meaningful content for my audience because I love doing what I am doing. I have been a part of the corporate world for more than five years and worked in big IT MNC’s, where I was getting a regular fixed monthly income.

After deciding to pursue blogging and life as a content creator, it was like, I have reset my work, and I have to start from zero. I cannot expect an income close to what I have been receiving in IT firms, but thanks to my saving habit. I had enough savings to keep up even if I did not earn that much as I did in my regular IT job.

Also, I did not have any contacts or friends in this profession. I had to learn all by myself from my mistakes and whatnot. So, I can say it’s a long process of learning, but as long as I am doing what I love doing, it keeps me motivated.

Also, as it’s been around two years of my content creation career on Instagram, I have started to work with brands I love, and have built a community of more than 36k followers on Instagram, and their love and support keep me going.

2. How supportive were your parents with your decisions? 

As I mentioned earlier, I have worked with big IT companies, so I have enough work experience, and I have been independent and on my own for quite a few years. That has helped me become a strong independent woman that I am today; it also helped me earn enough trust from my parents to take such a risk.

I could say I have made a calculative risk; hence after seeing my passion into this field, my parents were quite supportive. Currently, I am focusing on my blogging career. Besides, If anything falls apart, I can  rely on my experience in the IT profession and as a skilled makeup artist.

Indian parents are concerned about their child’s degree and welfare, it is crucial to earn their trust and convince them we would not fail in life in whatever we do, and I believe I have won that trust.  

3. What are your dominant styles and influences which you use for blogging? How is it different from other bloggers?

When I turned into a content creator for my work on Instagram I carried out research. Most of the articles advised me to concentrate on one niche in either beauty or fashion or travel. But I chose to be myself, whatever I am as a person like doing and sharing, thus, I did not restrict myself to one particular domain or style.

I create content on a variety of niches from beauty to fashion to travel to lifestyle. I could say it makes me different; I like to stay more as myself rather than going after one particular niche to get more success. I believe for me, keeping originality and pursuing my passion comes first before anything else.

In Conversation with Sneha Priyadarshani Aka DreamboatSneha: A fashion, food, travel, and lifestyle blogger 3

 4. What is the best collaboration that you have done with a brand? 

I am glad you asked, I still remember, when skincare brand Foreo Sweden contacted me, I screamed in joy after having a word with them for a possible collaboration. I love looking after my skin, and beauty is a domain where I could say I have an immense interest.

I always wanted to try their products for being so innovative with their skincare products. So, it was a dream come true when a high-end brand whose products I have been eyeing on reach out to me themselves. I also collaborated with various fashion brands that I love, but I would say this is my most cherished one.

5. As you are a travel enthusiast, how COVID-19 has affected your blogging style?

Travelling is something that keeps me sane. I feel downhearted being unable to travel amid the pandemic. I had planned a trip to Greece that took a hit when COVID-19 struck. I started to create content indoors, so I had to come up with more creative ideas about making my post look different and not monotonous, even if I am creating content from one place. It is just creating content during COVID-19 has become more challenging, and I am trying to bring the best as I can.

 6. What is an influencer’s typical day like?

In my opinion, every influencer has their way of starting a day. For me, it varies every day. Though most of the days, I am involved in pondering over a new idea for my content on Instagram, YouTube, and Blog websites. Instead of approving all the collaboration contracts, I collaborate with those brands only whose products I have personally liked.

No doubt, working with a brand involves multiple emails and calls. Sometimes, it consists of reshooting the whole work. Creating content on different platforms without executing repetitive ideas and yet bringing something creative devours a lot of time.

Once, I form a picture in my mind, I shoot accordingly, set everything from costume to hair and makeup to photography to editing photos/videos to caption, etc. There are so many works that go by. Yes, they define a massive chunk of my day.

As a creator, I also need to check on current trends, keep on researching, and be active on Instagram for some research work. My day varies as per the workload I have. So, I guess this is an only rough idea that I can share how my typical day looks.

In Conversation with Sneha Priyadarshani Aka DreamboatSneha: A fashion, food, travel, and lifestyle blogger 4

 7. What was the most challenging and the most loving moment in your blogging journey so far?

Covid-19 has been the most challenging period for me because creating unique content on a single location without getting dull is difficult. The market and even eminent brands are struggling in the prevailing disaster ferociously augmenting the miseries of bloggers.

I have plenty of memorable moments, but the moment I remember most fondly is my shoot at the Taj Mahal in Agra. I wore a beautiful Royal Blue colour Lehenga, and it fascinated many foreign tourists, they asked me to either take my picture or with me. Moreover,  a lot of tourists complimented me on that day; I almost felt like a celebrity

8. Instagram, YouTube, or Blogging, your personal favourite? 

I think, currently, I would choose  Instagram because it is a platform where my audience highly appreciates me. Also, I keep on the experiments with my makeup look/ fashion style and freedom to create a lot of creative content. 

9. Is it easy to get brand endorsements?

No, it’s not easy to get brand endorsements in case of a renowned brand. I could say, it might seem easy from the outside; it is quite the opposite of that. Working with a brand of your choice depends on the number of followers, the engagement you have on your posts, and quality of content you create. If a brand feels, you have got what it takes to be the face of their brand; they reach you. But, in general, they aren’t easy to come by.

10. Any piece of advice for young aspiring bloggers?

I would say, first, start it as a part-time job and explore if you are enjoying blogging. Find out if you are passionate about it and bring something different to your audience. This arena has become very competitive, and in the long run, bloggers with a strong willpower and inclination towards it can make a name for themselves. So, before moving for full time, make yourself pretty sure if it’s something you want.  

If you have made up your mind that this is something you want to do, be consistent and try to post quality content on your social media.  

Interviewed by Yogita Malhotra and Tushant Baranwal

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