In conversation with social worker Bharat Kumar Das


Bharat Kumar Das, a well-known social worker of Dhenkanal. He is associated with many social organization like Dhenkanal Kranti as it’s coordinator, working as the secretary of Dhenkanal conscious citizen forum and many more. His current focus is the ultimate development of Dhenkanal district for which he and his team are working hard. Interview Times had a detailed conversation with Mr. Das, below are the excerpts,

Q1-What inspired you to start social work?

ANSWER: Since my childhood I have been grown-up with struggle. One side I had to focus on studies and on the other side I had to look after our business running on footpaths. During my college days I came across RSS and worked there in my youth period and in 2009 I joined BJD. During all this time I dedicated myself in working for public. Today I am associated with many social organization and regularly we are working for the betterment of the common people and society.

Q2-You have worked a lot during lockdown to serve people, can you please share your experience from there?

ANSWER: When the lockdown was declared, we immediately gave a message to our collector through WhatsApp about arranging food packets for beggars and needy people as hotels and restaurants will be closed from the very next day. The next day Collector sir called us to his office and granted us the permission to distribute the food packets. We started distributing the food packets from the evening of that day and within a span of seven days we have distributed almost 20,000 food packets to the needy. We had also feed many street animals during that time. We had also distributed soaps, masks and biscuits in the remote villages.

Q3-What are your future plans?

ANSWER: I have travelled Pan India and now I have nowhere to go outside of Dhenkanal district, now my foremost duty is to stay inside Dhenkanal and complete the work which we have started for the people of Dhenkanal.

Q4-What message would you like to give to people who wants to do social work?

ANSWER: Service to mankind is like service to God, I would like to say sometimes we face different obstacles but still we should go ahead with our work. We should be active and work with our self-esteem.

Q5-How did you manage your time?

ANSWER: I wake early in the morning at around 5.00 Pm and prefer to do some exercise, I also train others to do exercise as I am a trainer. After that I dedicate my time towards looking after the studies of my children, after which I come to my office. During my office hours I manage all the other necessary works which is needed.


Q6-What is the main objective of the organizations you started and associated with?

ANSWER: The organizations in which I am associated mainly focus on different problems of our community. I too regularly post my articles. We are trying to find out every needy and trying out to solve his/her problems.

Image Courtesy: Mr. Bharat Kumar Das

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