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In Conversation with Sreejeet Patnaik, MD Of Mother’s Public School

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Interview Times had a great time interacting with the Managing Director, Sreejeet Patnaik of Mother’s Public School, Odisha. With the sheer hard work and determination, he has been regulating the school for three years, empowering his team, academic staff, and immensely working for the continuous growth and golden future of the students. 

In Conversation with Sreejeet Patnaik, MD Of Mother’s Public School 1
In Conversation with Sreejeet Patnaik, MD Of Mother’s Public School 2

1. You hold the position of MD at such a young age. How do you manage all the responsibilities?

First of all, I would like to say I am pleased with the doing, and I believe when you enjoy what you do, it will lead to unparalleled growth. My role as a Managing Director majorly involves people management. And above all, I love taking care of my children, teachers/staff and most importantly, my parents. Along with this, I have an incredible team which works round the clock to supervise and make sure my vision and thoughts are well implemented.

In Conversation with Sreejeet Patnaik, MD Of Mother’s Public School 3

2. What role do you think the parents should play during the COVID-19 to help their children cope up with hurdles in distance education?

Irrespective of COVID-19 pandemic, I always have believed that parents have an essential role in shaping their child’s character. Amid the deadly pandemic, children are locked at home, and parents have an increased responsibility of coordinating with the school as well as with their child for the smooth transition of their educational courses through the online portals. Hence, Parents should help their children in getting used to the online learning process and take care of their mental health since, for a child, there is a lot to absorb. 

3.  How is your school coordinating with the students during the pandemic? What steps have been taken by the school?

By using various online portals for academics like classes, tests, seminars and workshops, and you would be glad to know we are also performing co-curricular activities, school assemblies, observation days digitally. We have provided a portal for the parents where they can check the academic progress of their child. We also use WhatsApp broadcast groups to convey instructions and notices to parents collectively. 

4.  Have you laid off any staff amidst COVID, or provided any relief with the student’s fees?

   There is no question of laying off our staff. It has never occurred to me, even once. We have kept on paying our team the deserving salary along with due increments. I believe it’s our duty to support them even more during the challenging times to the best of our capabilities.  

5. Mother’s Public School has performed brilliantly in the CBSE exams. Whom do you give credits for the results apart from Student’ hard work?

  The credit certainly goes to our dedicated team of teachers and academic heads. They worked hard along with our students to get brilliant results. We are also thankful to the parents for supporting the school management and their children during their academic journey. Parents and the teachers are an integral part of the Mother’s family and will always be.

   6.  What are the necessary changes required to bring developments in every school across the nation?

Every school is different with their visions, philosophies, and challenges. So I cannot do justice with my suggestions for them. So it’s difficult for me to suggest a generic measure. But I believe every school should try to get involved with their student academic career.

They need to pay special attention to improving students’ academics as well as their personal growth. Because at the end of the day, we are preparing them for tomorrow, and real-life ain’t going to test you on bookish knowledge but practical aspects. 

7. The government allowed the students from 9th-12th grade to seek teacher’s guidance in school voluntarily, what are your views about it?

It’s too early to comment as the state government is yet to make a decision, but I am sure the decision would be made by taking into the priority of child’s health and safety at first.

Happy Teacher’s Day!

Interviewed by Yogita Malhotra and Tushant Baranwal

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