In Conversation with The Author Kartik R. Iyer

Interview with the Author (Poet) of Three Seasons of Love


Kartik R. Iyer has curated the book “Three Seasons of Love “. He is a professional screen writer and film maker .Let us know more about him in this interview .

Q1) What inspired you to take up writing ?

Ans: Have always been fascinated with stories, when I wasn’t writing them, I was reading them, watching them, listening to them or thinking about them. I knew this was my calling but didn’t know I could make a living out of it.

Q2) How did you decide the plot for Three Seasons of Love ?Kindly attach the link of the book.

Ans: I had been writing poems and snippets for a long time now. I used to post these on my social media handles, it was from there, my publishers identified these to be publishing worthy and reached out. When we decided to put them together as a collection of poems and snippets, I though it should be structured more like a free verse yet each piece to be a story in itself, thankfully it all came together I guess.You can find the book at

Q3) Do you think social media addiction is a problem for the youth and how to cure it ?

Ans : It’s almost impossible to stay away from the screen in today’s time when everything is digital and done remotely. Social media is inevitable, But I do feel that the youth is sensible enough to identify and compartmentalise their life and priorities.

Q4) How has been your experience as a screen writer so far .Would you like to share few of your notable works .

Ans: it has been gratifying so far. I consider myself lucky to have been associated with some of the finest talents in the country. A few of my released body of work so far includes Dobaara (Web film Zee5) Taish (Series and Film on Zee5) Flip (Web Series on Eros Now) Solo (Tamil Malayalam Bilingual)

Q5) How do you manage to strike an equilibrium and provide yourself time to take up your hobbies ?

Ans : It is difficult actually. It’s one thing to say that you find time to do things that you love actually and another to follow it. But I do believe it’s really important to take the time off occasionally not only to follow one’s hobbies and interests but to also get a Birds Eye view of the things that matter.

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