In Conversation with the Author of “All Yours” Dipshikha Mohanty


Dipshikha Mohanty’s write-ups have been featured in several anthology. She loves writing and painting and has written the book “All Yours.” She feels that writing is something that adds identity to her life and helps her grow. We are glad to have her in the platform Interview Times to talk about her journey.

Q1) Tell us about your first experience in the field of writing.

Ans : I started writing in the year 2018. I was first introduced to the platform of writing quotes by my best friend, She encouraged me to write my thoughts out on “YourQuote”. From there my journey begun as a writer.

Then after that another friend of mine asked me to join Instagram and start a writing page. I just posted quotes, till I tried my hands on articles but I had a keen interest in learning to write poems. I joined an anthology for the first time in the year 2020 and my life changed. I wrote my very first poem “MY LOVE SHALL WAIT “ which is published in my book “ALL YOURS”. And, since then I have fallen in love with poetry.


Q2) “All Yours” is a book written by you. Tell us how did you decide the title of the book ?

Ans : I always had it in my mind that my first book has to be based on the theme “love” and that’s how it clicked to me, if it’s about love than the only person who make me complete is my husband. And, that’s how I decided the title of the book.

Q3) Would you like to share a bit about the book. Also share the link for purchase.


Ans : Sure,

“ALL YOURS” is a book of love that consists of 21 beautiful poem regarding the journey of finding true love.

The link for the purchase is attached here:



Q4) Do you feel there is an importance of teachers in  confidence building of budding authors ?

Ans : Yes,

If teachers support their students to build their career in the field of writing and even help them grow in that particular field, then surely they’ll grow more confident and positive. They’ll have this in their mind that if no one supports, my teacher is there to guide me no matter what.

Q5) As we know children spend most of the time in school around 8-9 hours of the day, do you think that parents and teachers should work effectively to eradicate the problem of under confidence and lack of self esteem in children?

Ans : Nowadays, As a teacher, I see a lot of children under confident and lack in self-esteem due to the lack of attention they get, they feel neglected and abused.

Even parents as well as teachers pressurize them to focus on their studies more. The amount of care they need is lost somewhere. They grow negative thoughts about themselves.

The parents should stop comparing their child with others but rather focus on building them up to be more confident and independent.

Q6) Also tell us about who has been your support in your writing career and share your Instagram profile

Ans : My biggest support was my best friend when I started the career in writing.

Now, the same amount of support and confidence I receive from my mother-in-law. She is the reason behind me, who let’s me be who I am. The positivity I have towards life it’s all because of her.

My Instagram ID: @dips_quixels.

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