In Conversation with the Author of “ No Lions No Teeth”

Candid Conversation with Deepa Mandal (Dustry Anparteli)


Deepa Mandal is an author of a debut collection of poetry called “ No Lions, No Teeth”.  An abstract artist working on minimalistic expression. Since her childhood, she had a pull towards something bigger than life itself. Only recently she could discover why it has been the way it is, the pain, the joys and the lessons in it. Currently, she is working with a corporate firm in Mumbai.

Q1) Since when did you start having an interest in writing? Tell us something about your writing journey.

Ans: I have always had a knack for writing. It goes far behind in memories but I do remember composing my first poem when I was a 7-year-old. That was it, I didn’t write anything else for eternity. So much happened in between, chaos swallowed me completely. Even after overcoming the mess, a big black void remained, holding me back. Luckily my manager at work motivated me to write again. I shall ever be grateful for the faith he had in me.  I started experimenting to find my voice, transitioned from a fantasy novel to a memoir and then finally to poetry. That’s where I found my home.

Q2) How did the idea of “No Lions no Teeth” come to your mind? Tell us more about the plot of the book. Also, share the link to the book.

Ans: “No Lions No Teeth” was my attempt at calling myself out on small matters, something as trivial as waking up in the morning. It was important for me to get all little issues out in the Sun so I can delve into the grand obscurity, and attend to the more severe concerns of my life. I have a story to tell of not how I suffered, (so much so that dying was easier than living) but how I lived and made out of it.

I am not quite there yet, at least not in this book but I am glad this could be a prologue to whatever I have to say ahead.The 2nd edition of “No Lions No Teeth” is a work in progress now. It shall be soon launched with a new name and a few more additions in it.

Link http://:

Q3) Tell us something about your hobbies. Have you mastered the art of managing your hobbies and your passion by now or you are still finding ways to do it?

Ans: To be honest writing was never my hobby, I could never see it as a leisurely task. That gushing urge to utilize my pain into something powerful & life-changing for all the beautiful people out there is more of my life’s purpose. I don’t know if I will ever be able to tame or manage this rush but it’s better this way.

I do love to watch Formula 1 races whenever I can. Likness for music is also my thing, especially, artists like Mariah Carey & Paulo Nutini.

Q4) From preparing the draft of the book to selecting the cover page to publish it, it is a process that requires total scrutiny and involvement. Tell us about your experience and whether were there any hardships that you faced in the process.

Ans: A plenty because it was my first time getting involved in the process of putting together a book. The vision you have and how an outsider will put it together shall never be the same. There will be a lot of circling of the ideas. Sometimes you will be frustrated & hopeless, other times gleeful and participating but towards the end, it beautifully works out, it has to. I believe this mostly happens in self-publishing, it’s a little less of a hassle with traditional publishers or so I have heard (if they choose to work with you).

Q5) There is a large section of the youth who thinks of writing their solo book but lack the courage to do so. What is your advice to them?

Ans: We all write for different agendas. For some of us, it’s very personal, like unloading the soul to put away the crushing burden or it could be something entirely different. Always ask yourself why are you writing whatever wonderful you are writing. Do you want to touch people’s lives, or share your journey with the readers, maybe you simply want to amuse them with your artistic talent. Just find out your urge and if you don’t find any then do it for the joy of publishing your first solo. Trust me it’s a special feeling.


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