In conversation with the fierce lady- Manasmita Jena



Life has been like a roller coaster, but with that our winged ladies have always run in this massive male-dominated race. Sometimes they are fierce or sometimes they are the fire. It assembles personal satisfaction and dignity to maintain such a positive atmosphere in today’s world. Yes, today we are in conversation with our very own fierce lady Manasmita Jena.

Manasmita is currently holding the position of Secretary – HELP NGO. With that, she is working in sectors for Education, Health, Livelihood and Women. She is the Chairman of C.E.M School (Chandrasekhar English Medium School) where they provide education to poor downtrodden and dropout Children. She is also the Secretary of C.V.M School( Chandrasekhar VidyaMandir). Followed she is also the President of Bhubaneswar Chapter, “Social Activist Federation of Odisha”. She is someone who has dreams and a vision to create the world in a better way. She is also the Women Convenor of SAKSHAM, Odisha – A National Organisation working for all types of disabilities, she is a member of the Core Team Committee of Kriya Yoga Foundation. Advisor to Odisha Madhyabit Paribar. Advisor to WEWE( World Environment and Women Empowerment). IBC (Independent business Consultant) of Bada Business. (Dr Vivek Bindra Brand Ambassador). Proprietorship Medimantra Services. Own Restaurant name (MUG). Motivational Speaker, Counsellor. She is just a complete package of talent and humanity.

2. When were you interested in the social reform area?
A- It was during my very childhood seeing my father and elder sister who are working selflessly for the betterment of society. My father has been a real role model for me. Although He was serving as a police officer he has set up many educational institutions in his village Dharmakriti and the Capital City with lots of hard work, dedication and Sacrifice in life.

3. Being a woman do you think we have a distinct advantage or disadvantage for what we want to be?
A-In today’s era being a woman can’t be treated at all as a disadvantage. Though it is a male dominating society, the women are much more Stronger and Safer compared to then and now. The rise of Media and  Social awareness has played a vital role in this.

4. So from a political perspective do you think the gender bar system gets heavy for women?
A-Well from an angle, the present political system somehow feels like a vehicle running on the street on an auto mode. More reforms and changes are required. I won’t say we as a state are doing well compared to most other states in India.

5. Being an environmentalist what are the major reform you want to change in our ecosystem?
A-Natural calamities are the signals and the recent devastations that occurred are the answers to all for which we all are responsible. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years back and the next best time is now.” Plant Trees Go Green and Save the environment.

6. Being a lady of the frontline what are the challenges you have faced in our past times?
A-Well, Challenges are part of life. No one can say that he/she has never been put in a situation that he/she sometimes feel leftover. It is that time when you seek for the best possible thing to happen but shockingly it doesn’t. However, you must have that powerful urge to fight for it and you finally get over it.


7. At last kindly address a few words to our readers of the interview times.
A-I am very much thankful to the entire team of Interview Times for giving me a platform to share something. I am appreciating all the readers of Interview Times for showering your love and support always. Jai Hind.

Interviewed by- Prisita Das

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