In Conversation with the Talented Tarot Card Reader – Aayushi Bharghava

by Subhechcha Ganguly

What inspired you to do tarot card readings ?

From very young age I was curious about occult science and spirituality. I started Tarot card reading to navigate my life path but it’s slowly led me to help the others and here I am.

Who do you follow or take your guidance from in this field ?

Well, I do not prefer to take personal readings as I want to keep my energies reserved to channel the energy of guidance seekers. But, I do follow many YouTube general pick a card readings that help me from time to time. Teacup Tarot and White Feather Tarot are my favorite Tarot channels on Youtube.

Do you think digital media has helped you in this field ?

Yes, a lot. With the help of digital media only I am able to reach multiple people all at once and they can reach out to me easily whether it comes to guidance or learning about their life path.

What is the best part about Tarot Card readings ?

For me personally, it gives me the soul purpose that I am here to help people make decisions for their life ahead. Sometimes it also feel overwhelming that people are making decisions based on my guidance but at the same time it is a blessing to have abilities to guide the people lost their paths.

What are the advises you want to give to future tarot card readers ?

My only piece of advice will be that when it comes to tarot reading, channel the messages that the universe wants to give you rather than going by the book literally. The basic Tarot cards can have multiple meanings from the same card and it is totally your choice to let your intuition guide you even if it is giving you some unconventional message.


Interview by : Subhechcha Ganguly

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