Home War Times In ODISHA Anti-tank Guided-missile “Dhruvastra” Test-fired Successfully

In ODISHA Anti-tank Guided-missile “Dhruvastra” Test-fired Successfully

In ODISHA Anti-tank Guided-missile “Dhruvastra” Test-fired Successfully

BALASORE: The flight trials of India’s anti-tank guided missile ‘Dhruvastra’ were successfully conducted at the Interim Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur in Odisha recently. The helicopter launched Anti-tank Guided-missile (ATGM) is one of the most advanced anti-tank weapons in the world is developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

The trials of the helicopter-launched Nag Missile (HELINA), which has been named as ‘Dhruvastra’ anti-tank guided missile, were conducted in direct and top attack mode on July 15 and 16 and done without the helicopter.

During the testing, the weapon system released smoothly from the ground launch platform at launch pad-3 of the ITR, and the missile successfully tracked the target all through its course before hitting it with high precision.

The ATGM is guided by an infrared imaging seeker (IIS) operating in the lock-on before-launch mode and helps in further making more strengthening the defence capabilities of the country.

HELINA is a third-generation fire and forgets class anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system mounted on the Dhruv Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH). The system has the capability of all-weather day and night and can defeat battle tanks with conventional armour as well as explosive reactive armour.

“Three round trials of Helina were conducted on July 13, 2015, at a firing range at Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. Again on August 19, 2018, Helina was successfully test-fired from a HAL Rudra attack helicopter at the Pokhran test range” said by DRDO.

The Nag missile was developed under the Indian Ministry of Defence’s integrated guided missile development programme (IGMDP), which also involved the development of four other missiles that are Agni, Akash, Trishul, Prithvi and  The system includes a third generation Anti-Tank Guided Missile, the NAG, along with the Missile Carrier Vehicle (NAMICA).

The Nag anti-armour guided weapon’s airframe is built with lightweight and high-strength composite materials. The missile is equipped with four foldable wings and has a length of 1.85m, the diameter of 0.20m, a wingspan of 0.4m and weight of 43kg. 

After the successful testing of the NAG missile and get into the Indian Army is expected to give a quantum boost to the Army’s capability against enemy armour.

In ODISHA Anti-tank Guided-missile “Dhruvastra” Test-fired Successfully 1
Video Credited by ANI via Twitter
Article written by SOMANATH SAHU

Image Source: Google

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