In response to The Bellie Amma Elephant Whisperers winning Best Documentary at the 95th Academy Awards


Bellie Amma, a character in The Elephant Whisperers, spoke to the media on March 12 to accept the Oscar Award for Best Documentary Feature (Short Subject). She also thanked everyone for their support over the past several months. Bellie commented when discussing the documentary’s effect: “The elephant whisperers documentary has made it to the Oscars. I just realised how far it has progressed now. I’m not the only one who should be thanked for rearing the newborn elephants… Everyone who assisted me and gave me the resources I required—the doctor, compounder, forest officials, deputy director, field director, and ranger—made it feasible for me to nurture both of the baby elephants.”

Bellie thought about what the Oscar victory could mean for her neighbourhood “The fact that my documentary, My Story, won the Oscar has made everyone in the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve happy. The Adivasi (indigenous) people and the forest department are both happy. Nobody has taken any action of this kind to acknowledge the Adivasi (indigenous) people of Mudumalai’s efforts. All of us are isolated within the Mudumalai jungle, with no access to the outside world. We have come this far because I nurtured those two elephant calves.”Kartiki uttered the following on stage as she accepted the Oscar: “I’m here today to advocate for the cherished connection between us and the natural world. because we should respect indigenous communities and have compassion for the other living things that share our planet with us. Finally, there is cohabitation.”Haulout, How Do You Measure A Year?, The Martha Mitchell Effect, and Stranger At The Gate were among the other documentaries that were recognised with Oscar nominations this year.


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