In the Service of the Nation: IAS SUSHIL Kumar Lohani Extraordinary Odyssey

As Odisha develops, he has come to represent the people and the state government .


There is a light of transformation in the centre of Odisha, a person whose tireless commitment has weaved the threads of development and hope for innumerable villages. Sushil Kumar Lohani, whose name reverberates like a tune throughout this lovely state’s green hills and coastal plains, has left an indelible impact on the history of public service. Sushil Kumar Lohani has demonstrated the spirit of a true leader by orchestrating symphonies of change rather than just working on projects.

People-centered government is built on accountable administration. The state becomes a better partner in development when it exercises responsibility, duty, and dedication. The judicial system, the legislative branch, and the executive branch make up a democracy’s three pillars.  Sushil Kumar Lohani, Senior Administrative Officer, is a dedicated individual who fulfils the duties of public service by informing the populace about the policies and procedures of the government.


1995 batch Sushil Lohani is an IAS officer from the Odisha cadre. His mind is in Odisha, yet he lives in Bihar. Sushil has embraced the water, wind, culture, and traditions of Odisha despite not being an Odia. As Odisha develops, he has come to represent the people and the state government .   His leadership skills made a splash in the state while he served as District Collector in Balangir. His approach to labour in the Keonjhar district served as a model for the entire nation. Sushil ushered in a new era of mining industry development using the DMF fund. It had a significant impact on how the Keonjhar residents lived.


Later, he was named Director of the National Health Mission. He has held a number of significant posts, including State Chief Electoral Officer, Unemployment Commissioner, and GST Commissioner, and he has been successful in advancing the department’s goals. In his capacity as Chief Electoral Officer, he has successfully managed numerous by-elections.


During Corona, Pipili, Baleshwar, Tirtol elections were conducted with discipline and achieved many successes. Apart from this, he has demonstrated his skills by handling the responsibilities of unemployment and GST departments. Under his leadership, GST fraud has been exposed in various parts of Odisha. GST collection in the state also reached an all-time high, along with the crackdown on out-of-state rackets


Odisha won the Digital India Scotch Award while working in the unemployment department. Sushil Lohani, the top officer of Odisha, has also handled many important administration  deppartment of the central government on deputation.


Sushil Kumar Lohani is currently employed for the state government’s Panchayati Raj Department as the Chief Administrative Secretary. Panchayats are receiving increased authority from the state of Odisha. Aam Odisha and Naveen Odisha Yojana prioritise development in each Panchayat. With a grant of Rs. 50 lakhs, several development projects will be carried out in the Panchayats . Sushil is currently in charge of this duty. Sushil has gained preference within the state administration as a result of his exceptional administrative abilities and experience.


Sushil has gained the respect and love of the people of Odisha by being an undeniably tenacious and dedicated individual. He has earned the state government’s trust as a senior IAS officer. By rigorously adhering to all official directives, he is constantly working to further the welfare of the populace. Accountable management is the foundation of a government that values its citizens. When the state fulfils its obligations, it becomes a more valuable partner in development. The three pillars of a democracy are the judicial system, the legislative branch, and the executive branch.


Senior Administrative Officer Sushil Kumar Lohani is a dedicated person who performs public service obligations by enlightening the populace of governmental policies and practises.


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