India has immense potential to provide the world’s best healthcare system and technology – Czech Prime Minister, Petr Fiala


Jaipur: NIMS University Rajasthan marked a historic occasion on January 11, 2024, as it hosted the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, H.E Prof. Petr Fiala. The prime focus of the visit was the laying of the foundation stone for the ‘Petr Fial Global Institute of Research Innovation’ and the inauguration of the ‘Marik Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Cybernetics’ within the university campus. In recognition of his outstanding contributions to international policies and political science, along with his dynamic leadership and unique understanding of legal complexities, the Prime Minister was honoured with an Honorary Doctorate by Nims University.

This event is recognized as the first time a foreign prime minister visited an Indian university. This visit underscored the much-needed importance of international collaboration in education, technology, and sciences.

The event was attended by distinguished guests, including Dr. Eliška Zygova, the Ambassador of the Czech Republic in India, Tomas Pojar – National Security Advisor of the Czech Republic, Jiri Kozak – Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Petra Fojitkova – D.G. PM Office, Václav Smolka – Government Spokesman and Director of the Department of Communications.
“In his welcome address, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic commended NIMS University and India for their substantial contributions to the fields of medicine, education, innovation, industries, and research patterns.He expressed gratitude to the University for the honorary degree conferred upon him. Prof. Fiala emphasized the significance of the partnership between the Czech Republic and Nîms University, expressing eagerness for collaboration in areas such as start-ups, cyber security, and the economy.

He also praised Nîms University for its picturesque and inclusive campus, as well as its commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as the university has adopted 10 SDGs. Prof. Fiala underscored the importance of cooperation in science and technology, particularly in the realm of medical and scientific education.
He stated, “In this diplomatic time, friendship is important, and India has set an example before the world. As a global medical source and economic power, our priorities are aligned on important fronts.” Prof. Fiala envisioned substantial possibilities in international cooperation and commended India’s handling of challenges like pandemic Covid-19, expressing appreciation for the Government of India’s cooperation.

He also marked the development of the industries in India, emphasizing that science and innovation constitute a universal language for the future and encouraged their incorporation into every facet of life. Expressing hope for significant accomplishments in cooperation and collaboration, particularly in the realm of science and technology, the Prime Minister envisioned that joint efforts between the Czech Republic and NIMS would yield great achievements. He remarked, “India is a country with immense potential to provide the world’s best healthcare system and technology.”

Nims University and the Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague have launched the “Indo-Pacific-European Hub for Digital Partnership: Sustainable Wellbeing (INPACE)” with the establishment of the Marik Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Cybernetics on the NIMS University Rajasthan campus.
Prime Minister Peter Fiala commemorated the establishment of the ‘Petr Fiala Global Institute of Health Research Innovation’ by laying its foundational stone. This institute is poised to be a pioneering force in a diverse array of medical and health-related research endeavours.
Prof. Marik shared the important role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in all fields. He expressed confidence that the technologies developed through the collaborative efforts of the Czech Institute and Nims University will contribute significantly to development in the field. Dr. Marik, in his inspiring address, highlighted the essential role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across all sectors.

Recognizing the importance, the need for dedicated AI and robotics labs in universities must be emphasized. The institute will tackle real-world problems and societal challenges, dedicated to generating solutions with the potential for profound positive social impact, he added.

The closing ceremony unfolded on a grand occasion as NIMS University and the European Union-Czech Republic came together to sign a significant Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The MoU stands as a tribute to the shared values and dedication of both parties to building bridges that connect nations through the universal language of knowledge and cultural exchange.

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