India In Talks For Monkeypox Vaccine As Global Outbreak Spreads


Amid worries over monkeypox cases, India has began talks with vaccine makers to develop monkeypox vaccine as needed due to the proliferation of cases around the world.

“We are already working with potential stakeholders,” said Vinod Kumar Paul, a member of the government think tank NITI Aayog and head of the Covid-19 National Task Force.

South Asian countries are stepping up national surveillance, and people with symptoms should be tested for “ready-to-treat” illnesses, Paul said.

The World Health Organization declared a public health emergency of international concern in a controversial and divided ruling on Saturday.

India has designated 15 laboratories to diagnose monkeypox and has the right equipment to perform a two-step RTPCR test, Paul told bystanders at an event in the medical industry on Wednesday. So far, there are four confirmed cases of monkeypox cases in the country.

According to WHO, the risk of monkeypox is moderate worldwide, except in Europe, where monkeypox is high. The pathogen usually causes flu-like symptoms, followed by a rash that begins on the face and spreads to the abdomen. The illness usually lasts from two weeks to a month and can be fatal.

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