India Leads Global 5G Mobile Subscriptions with 1.3 Billion Users

5G India

Delhi, India: According to a survey released on Tuesday, the number of people who subscribed to 5G networks worldwide increased by 175 million during the second quarter (Q2), with India being responsible for the largest net gain of overall mobile subscriptions with more than seven million new customers during the time.
Ericsson Mobility Report estimates that the total number of 5G subscriptions worldwide has nearly reached 1.3 billion after the additions made in Q2. There were 8.3 billion mobile subscribers as of the end of the second quarter (Q2), an increase of 40 million from the first quarter.
A total of 6.1 billion people throughout the world have their own cell phone. Over 7 million of the quarter’s net gains were in India. After India, China (5 million) and the United States (3 million) had the most mobile customers. Approximately 260 CSPs (communications service providers) have released 5G services to the public. Approximately 35 CSPs, according to the research, have started 5G SA networks.
The second quarter of 2015 had a global mobile subscriber penetration of 105%. A total of 7.4 billion people are now subscribed to mobile broadband, an increase of around 100 million (or 5 percent) over the previous year.
According to the data, 88% of all mobile subscriptions are now for mobile broadband. Between Q2 of 2022 and Q2 of 2023, there was a 33% increase in mobile data traffic.
There was an increase of 11 million new 4G subscribers, bringing the total to nearly 5.2 billion. This amounts to almost 62% of all mobile subscriptions. A total of 7.4 billion people now have mobile broadband subscriptions, up by nearly 100 million from the previous quarter and 5 percent year over year. The survey found that as of 2016, mobile broadband subscriptions made up 88% of all mobile subscribers.

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