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India to set up a friendly relation with the US, no matter who wins


Countries across the world have been sitting patiently and watching the toll the presidential election has been taking on its citizens and what the outcome might be for global politics even as observers. There has still been no winner even after the election day. India has been glued to this election procedure as the US ties have been really important.

Joe Biden last year had a fighting chance at presidency and India , both at private and government sector level tried to reach out .

If Donald Trump wins, there will be a familiarity in dealing with the administration and it has been said that most of the cabinet would remain.

Kamala Harris who has been Biden’s running mate , generated lots of interest in Indians and Indian Americans . It has been mostly found out that Indian Americans have voted the democrats but their vote has least significance in foreign policy and India-US relations.

Written by Ompriya Sahoo

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