Indian railway to offer food to General coach members


Indian Railways has chosen to provide economical meals and packaged water created especially for common coach passengers in an important update from the IRCT to improve their travel experience. The Railway Board ordered that counters serving these meals be set up on platforms that were parallel to the regular trains.There are two categories for the meals. The type one costs Rs 20 and comes with seven “pooris,” dry “aaloo,” and pickle. Passengers could choose from a variety of South Indian dishes, including rice, rajma, chhole, khichdi kulche, bhature, pao-bhaji, and masala dosa, for Rs 50 for the type two meal.

For a period of six months, the extended service counter was offered on an experimental basis. This service, which aims to offer meal and water facilities at reasonable prices, is presently available at 51 stations; it is also being implemented at 13 additional ones, and other stations are being sought out and will be funded for the extension of these services.Additionally, the Railways has made the decision to launch a line of trains specifically for people with lower incomes who work as manual labourers. Both sleeper and general-class carriages will be present on these trains. 22 to 26 carriages will be present on these special trains.

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