India’s fuel demand continues to fall in August as monsoon sets in

Fuel Crises In Western Odisha: Several Petrol Pumps Shuts Down

Diesel demand in India fell for the second month in a row as the onset of monsoon chipped away consumption in key sectors like agriculture, preliminary industry data.

Petrol and diesel demand had fallen month-on-month in July. While petrol consumption is almost flat in the first half of August, diesel — the most widely used fuel in the country — saw demand drop 11.2% during August 1-15 to 2.82 million tonnes from 3.17 million tonnes in the same period of the previous month.

The arrival and intensity of monsoon weigh heavily on diesel demand in the country and consumption traditionally is lower in July-September than in April-June. Monsoon restricts mobility and demand from the farm sector, which uses diesel in irrigation pumps and trucking, also drops with the onset of rains.

Diesel demand was, however, 32.8% higher year-on-year, supported by strong economic growth and a relatively low baseline for the same period in 2021 when the second wave of COVID-19 had impacted the economy.

Consumption of diesel was 58.2% higher than the 1.78 million tonnes demand during August 1-15 in 2020. It was 23% more than pre-COVID August 2019, the data showed.

Petrol sales inched up 0.8% to 1.29 million tonnes in the first half of August when compared to 1.28 million tonnes of consumption in the same period of the previous month.

The consumption was 30.6% higher than August 2021 and 43.4% more than the first fortnight of August 2020. It was 36% more than pre-COVID August 2019.

Auto fuel demand in June was supported by a surge in summer travel to colder areas of the country to escape from the heat and vacations during annual breaks at educational institutions. Thereafter, it fell in July and now in August.

As the aviation sector opens up, India’s overall passenger traffic (both domestic and international) at airports inched closer to pre-COVID-19 levels.



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