India’s Q4 GDP growth was 7.8%, while FY24 GDP remains strong at 8.2%.


During the January–March quarter of the 2022–2023 fiscal year, the GDP increased by 6.2%.According to official data, India’s economy expanded by 7.8% during the January–March quarter over the same period last year, down from 8.4% growth the previous quarter. The January-March growth was less than the 8.6% quarter-over-quarter growth in December. In the three months ending in March, manufacturing output increased 8.9% year over year, down from a revised 11.5% growth in the preceding quarter. According to the report, farm output growth picked up speed to 0.6% from a corrected 0.4% growth in the preceding quarter.According to data from the National Statistical Office (NSO), the GDP grew by 6.2% during the January–March quarter of the 2022–2023 fiscal year.

This comes as Moody’s Ratings predicted that India would expand 6.8% this year and 6.5% in 2025, citing robust economic expansion and continued policy following the election. The statement read, “We anticipate around 6.8% growth and believe the Indian economy should comfortably register 6-7 per cent annual real GDP growth.”In contrast, the US economy expanded at an annualised pace of 1.3% in the March quarter on indications of a slowdown in inflation, while China’s economy increased 5.3% year over year.

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