Insight on the Puri Fire Mishap


Even after more than 11 hours of firefighting efforts, a major fire that erupted at a market complex in the pilgrim city of Puri on Wednesday night has not yet been put out.About 8 o’clock last evening, a fire broke out at a clothing store on the first floor of the Laxmi Market Complex in Marichikot Chhak on Grand Road. The fire gradually spread to several stores in the mall. As many as three firefighters suffered injuries while attempting to put out the fire. They are now patients at the neighbourhood hospital.

Although the exact cause of the incident is still unknown, it is thought that an electrical short-circuit may have started the fire.Following being informed, members of the fire department arrived at the scene and immediately began the rescue effort. From a hotel, more than 100 tourists were saved. Following the tragedy, the area was overcome with panic. The market complex’s size was so small that the rescue efforts presented many challenges for the fire brigade staff. Three of them died as a result of the process. They were sent right away to a local hospital.”Due to the limited space, we are having a lot of difficulty controlling the fire. The shop shutters have some distorted portions. We’re doing everything we can to put out the fire as quickly as possible. Ideally, the fire will be totally extinguished in a few hours, according to Ramesh Chandra Majhi of the fire department. Santosh Kumar Upadhyay, the director general of fire services, stated that various measures have been made to put out the fires under the direction of the AFO and DFO.

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