Insight to “BHAR”Operating System developed by IIT Madras


BharOS, a native mobile operating system, was created by a company that was incubated at IIT Madras and is being offered to organisations with strict privacy and security standards and places where people handle sensitive information. Such consumers require private 5G networks with access to private cloud services.The tech institute stated in a release that the software can be loaded on commercially available handsets and that it offers customers a secure environment.

BharOS has no default applications (NDA). Accordingly, consumers are not compelled to utilise programmes that they may not be familiar with or trustworthy. The feature, according to the institution, will provide consumers more control over the permissions that apps are granted on their device. Additionally, the OS will provide access to reliable applications from company-specific Private App Store Services (PASS). “A PASS gives users access to a carefully curated list of apps that have passed strict security and privacy requirements set by various organisations. As a result, users can be sure that the apps they instal are secure to use and have been reviewed for any potential privacy or security issues, according to the creators.

Although the new mobile operating system appears to have a lot of features that would make using the device in daily life easier, they are not yet fully disclosed. For instance, Android provides battery statistics, home screen widgets, notification settings, customising options, and more. When it is open to all, we will have more clarity on this. The announcement from the creators is crystal clear that OS will continue to be restricted to particular businesses.

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