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The world of business and technology is often fraught with cut-throat competition and a relentless pursuit of profit. However, there are exceptional individuals like Devadatta Sahoo who redefine the meaning of success. Through his remarkable entrepreneurial journey, Devadatta has demonstrated that empathy, compassion, and attention to details are not mere buzzwords but are the core values that drive his company, HyScaler.Devadatta Sahoo, a scion of the academically evolved family, is a luminary entrepreneur in the realm of software products. His passion and drive to bring artificial intelligence and machine learning to the forefront of technological innovation is second to none. With a co-founder by his side, the brilliant Pitabas,   they have successfully built  HyScaler, a company that has stamped its authority in the world of Software Technology. Hailing from a family of a farmer, Pitabas epitomizes resilience and perseverance. Despite being well settled in a job, he took  calculated risks and joined hands with Devadatta. Now with a team of close knit professionals who are more like friends both are a formidable team of co-founders having indomitable trust on each other.


The seed of being a software professional was planted when Devadatta was in his school. At a tender age of 15, when he was in his eleventh standard, he wrote a piece of software successfully in exchange of a hard drive, the utility of which  continued for ten years. With unparalleled zeal and fervor, Devadatta immersed himself in the world of software after graduating from NIT Surathkal, Managalore, Karnataka,  reveling in its magic, challenges and ethereal beauty. He discovered that he possessed a remarkable talent for programming, and his skills flowed with an ineffable grace, suffused with an array of software programs that mesmerized his acquaintances, friends and software enthusiasts. The in-satiated curiosity and the skills acquired through formal education and otherwise culminated into a profitable business model. It all started with a dream that Devadatta had, to make the city of Bhubaneswar a hub of technological innovation. His passion for technology and his deep-seated belief in the potential of his city to become a global player in the IT industry led him to take the leap of faith and start his own company. However, his journey has been far from easy.

In the vast expanse of human knowledge and understanding, there exists a curious phenomenon known as the Dunning-Kruger effect. Like a mist that hangs over the minds of those who are not yet fully awakened, it clouds the judgment and distorts the self-perception of those who suffer from its effects.Devadatta also went through the same effect as his first company “Net Tantra” which saw the light of the day in 2010 tanked in 2011.Dejected and demoralized, Devadatta resurrected himself and learned the art of entrepreneurship. He realized the importance of collaboration of like minded people. Devadatta, along with his co-founder Pitabas, faced numerous challenges in the early days of their company. The lack of resources, a tough market, and a lack of expertise among the new team members were just a few of the obstacles that they encountered. However, they remained steadfast in their commitment to their goals and persevered despite the odds.

Through some of the path-breaking products, HyScaler is creating ripples in the market. It is worth mentioning that HyScaler has plunged into harnessing the power of AI and machine learning tools and catering to the needs of the health care clients by automating healthcare problems, as a result of which, there is hardly any barrier between the patients and the doctors.


“HyScaler is on the verge of introducing a groundbreaking product to revolutionize the world of asset management: the Cranberry Muffin. This innovative solution aspires to enable clients to manage their assets with ease and efficiency, leading to increased productivity and profitability. Once the Cranberry Muffin achieves success, HyScaler plans to embark on their next venture, the Cranberry Ware.


The Cranberry Ware, an AI-powered tool for employee empowerment, aims to offer a cutting-edge solution that gauges employee growth and performance using artificial intelligence. This revolutionary tool will allow businesses to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of their employees, empowering them to provide the necessary training and resources to help individuals reach their full potential. Through the anticipated success of the Cranberry Muffin and the subsequent launch of the Cranberry Ware, HyScaler seeks to solidify its reputation as a visionary leader in the world of business solutions.”

What sets HyScaler apart from other companies is their unwavering commitment to their core values of empathy, compassion, and attention to details. Devadatta believes that a successful business is not just about making profits but also about creating a positive impact on the world. HyScaler’s products and services are designed to empower businesses and individuals to reach their full potential and contribute to society in meaningful ways.


The success of HyScaler is not just a testament to Devadatta’s business acumen but also to his unyielding determination and resilience. Despite the numerous challenges that he faced, he never lost sight of his goals and remained focused on his vision of making Bhubaneswar a prominent player in the world of technology.

He confesses that whenever he meets the representatives of Odisha Government, they always discuss the ways to expedite growth, giving Odisha the much needed fillip as the most prominent state. This makes him buoyant and upbeat about the Odisha growth story .In conclusion, Devadatta Sahoo is a true inspiration and a testament to the fact that success is not just about making profits but also about creating a positive impact on society. Through his unwavering commitment to his core values of empathy, compassion, and attention to details, he has consolidated himself to build a strong company which is very much on it’s way to achieve his vision  of building a billion-dollar company . Devadatta’s entrepreneurial journey is a story of grit, determination, and a deep-seated belief in the potential of his city and its people.












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