Instagram – The New Marketing Medium



Instagram  has been one of the most used social media application now. The youth spend almost 4-6 hours minimum on Instagram every day. Nowadays Instagram is more used as a marketing place that just a social networking medium.

Let us understand why Instagram is used as a marketing medium by a lot of business. Buying domain names and setting up stored through a blogging website is considered difficult. This is because one has to set up several IP address and work accordingly . However in Instagram , there are several tools and also it is the best choice as it is cost effective.


Reels are a feature in Instagram that not only helps to add effects and music to your video but also helps it to reach to a larger target audience. Moreover there are several linking tools that we tend to find in Instagram now. One can also see their professional dashboard and the engagement they have created with the audience . Like , share and commenting is just a click away and also if one wants to switch accounts from professional to personal one can easily get it done without professional help.


If we consider blogs adding ad sense to generate income or promoting advertisement, there are always experts doing that. Several experts who have knowledge charge a good amount of money for adding ad-sense to the website. But putting Instagram advertisements and doing promotions is comparatively so easy and requires less time. Thus ease of access and feasibility are some of the main factors of why people.

By Subhechcha Ganguly

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