Interview with Author Kedar Pandharkar


Kedar Pandharkar is an engineer in education , who is passionate about writing. He presently lives in Vadodara and is providing personal tuitions and mentoring to students. Let us know more about him in this interview.

Q1) Tell us about the starting of your author’s journey.

Ans : Well, to be honest writing is something that makes me bore from my childhood but ever since I had my first thought on the character Shankaala which was probably 7 years ago, the best way to illuminate and shape the character according to me was only through writing. Although we can also use the visual representation of any story typically called movies but describing something in form of words was the first way of expressing the feelings of human evolution and on second thought it also helps us to get away from our worst phase of our life. So that’s was the reason why I thought of writing books. The first time I started writing was (I still remember) in the year of 2021 with my first ever book named Babalu. That’s where the universe of karma began and there is still so much of characters and stories that yet to make their arrival so just to let you know, this is just the beginning!

Q2) “1899 – The Forbidden Story of Shankaala” is a book  that is written by you . How did you decide the plot of the book and what was your inspiration behind. Also attach the link of the book for the readers.

Ans : If I simply put the answer about my inspiration then it’s no one but my mother who inspired me at every phase of my life to write and spread my vision through writing. About how did I manage to decide the plot of the story? Then it’s pretty simple, one day I just went outside to see people how they react and think on any given situation? And boom! That was the first time I laid the foundation of this character that developed into the story followed by a plot and thereby a universe. Even though I already had the basic idea and characteristics of this character and the universe of karma in the back of my mind since 2014 but the only thing which was remaining, an execution! Like, I was unable to figure out how do I end? And I spent almost 5 years just to imagine how could I possibly end this character because basically you just can’t! You can’t kill the unborn the same way you cannot defeat or win-over against the energy or even a form of it. The only way to get rid of it is to transfer the unwanted/negative energy into useful/positive energy which is nearly impossible because you cannot force someone or somebody to think positively! It’s just feeling or emotions that develops itself depending on how you grew up by your roots yet I somehow manage to find an end which is of course not finalized but it will take so much because it’s almost unbeatable upon arrival on earth. Will it though? Well, a simple answer to that is get a book and find out by yourself,


Blue Rose bookstore:

Q3) “Babalu – Tale of a Cute Li’l boy “is also written by you. The title catches the attention of the readers within a minute. What made you decide the title and tell us more about the book.

Ans : As this character was a protagonist and more importantly he will be a critical part of my future publications so I decided to dedicate my first book on Babalu and name the book such that it describes the story of whole book in one word just like J k Rowling did with Harry Potter. Moving ahead with the story part then it’s simple, a 10-year-old kid who is gifted to have strange lucid dreams of incidents, deaths and an apocalypse quite frequently who went missing along with his school principle which left you a question that what could possibly be happen? Is that the principle who was doing all this? Or the school authority who is behind the abduction? You will also experience a journey of only heaven on earth “Shangh-Ri-La” through the story. Sounds fascinating? But the real question here, is he really gifted? Or cursed? Get a copy to find out the answers for yourself here,


Q4) From writing the initial draft to working on the final draft it surely requires a lot of efforts. What was the most challenging process in your writing career?

Ans: The most challenging process during my entire journey of writing this book in particular was to arrange some time for writing. If you are doing a full time job it would become almost impossible to have free time for writing purpose, yet I manage to find few hours in weekends and during work hours and finally I completed the book. I hope all of this will pay off one day!

Q5) Is there any message you want to give to the readers?

Ans: First I would like to thanks each and every one of you who took some time to read this and I just wish you a very happy and healthy life ahead. Furthermore, I won’t like to spoil much story for you here but one thing that you’ll have for sure is a ride with lots of joy and suspense with add on thrills.

Q6) As a teacher what values, do you want to impart to your students also tell us about your hobbies and how they keep you cheerful.

Ans: Talking about my professional career then I worked with many organizations in past few years but recently I found teaching as the best career option for me. Being a teacher is not an easy task especially when you are dealing with youth and kid’s because they are at their earlier phase of life and one misdirection and misguide can lead them to a completely different path on which they are not meant to go. As a teacher my try and effort is to make my students to be curious and optimistic and their way of seeing a particular scenario must be logical also I would want them to be confident no matter how the situation is?

Writing, Travelling, few out-door sports are some of my hobbies and Although teaching is my profession now I consider it as one of my hobbies too because I like to teach.

I guess that pretty much sums it up regarding myself but still if you have any questions or would you like to know more about my books and me then do follow me on social media, by following means:

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Wish you all the very best in all of your future endeavours and reading!


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