Interview with Author Riddhima Sen


Riddhima Sen is a young writer and she enjoys everything under the sun. She has received awards like Poet of the Year and has written a beautiful book named “Crimson Balloons, The Pirates of Exuberance”. Let us know more about her in this interview.

Q1) Tell us about your first experience in writing. When did you understand that you want to become an author ?

Ans : l wanted to be an author since l was 7 years old . I wrote my first book when l was studying in class 12 , and it was a great experience.

Q2) How did you decide the plot for the book Crimson Balloons, The Pirates of Exuberance ? Also attach the link of your solo book for purchase.

Ans : The plot for Crimson Balloons came to my mind when l was watching a South Korean thriller mystery movie . The Pirates of Exuberance is a collection of vibrant poems.

Here is the link:

Q3) You have received the Poet of the Year Award, Tell us about your experience in receiving the Award.

Ans : It was a great experience  .

Q4) Do you think writing plays a role in improving mental health ? What are your thoughts on this topic ?

Ans :  Yes , writing plays a vital role in improving mental health.  For an introvert like me , writing works like a therapy which makes me feel better .

Q5) A large portion of the youth wants to take up writing as a career option. What are your views in this topic ?

Ans :  Anyone who considers writing to be important to their life and for their well being and has a knack for reading books , can become an author, according to me.

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