Interview with Author Shaheen Kazi


Shaheen Kazi from India, and Mumbai but settled in Gulf ( Saudi Arabia ) for more than two decades. She is  a versatile author, and writes  short articles for ‘The Literature Times’. My books are always picked by Readers from any Bookfairs. Let us know more about her in this Interview.

Q1) Tell us about the starting of your author’s journey .

Ans :  My writing journey started with baby steps. I started my journey long back when I started reading books. Although, as a reader, I never intended to become an author. Writing was my passion, but I will begin writing books I never thought about, especially after marriage. However, I always wanted to do something as I’ve always connected towards literature. As a result, I began writing short poems and quotes in other anthologies and websites. My debut novel, “Age Was Just A Number”, was published in 2020.

Q2)  “13 night of Tricks” is  written by you . How did you decide the plot of the book and what was your inspiration behind.

Ans : When I wrote “Age Was Just A Number” from then on, my son Rahil wanted me to write a horror book. Since we both love horror stuff, my son asked me to write. I will mention here that my son Rahil inspired me to write “13 Nights of Tricks”, and I am very grateful that he encouraged me to write this genre. This book is now on its way out in the Hindi language. As it has become a bestseller and my ’13 Nights of Tricks’ till now, it does excellent in the book fairs.

Q3) You have written several other books . Tell us more about “ Sizzling with Next Volume 1 “ and “Sizzling with She Volume 2”.

Ans : As a versatile writer, I have written genres about fiction, horror, children and poetry. But somehow, I wanted to explore a new genre of ‘erotic’. And nowadays, the trend on OTT platforms about marital affairs is the highest as such themes attract modern readers. So I gave thought to write about wives and one-night stands. So ‘Sizzling With Next Vol 1’ contains ten stories about wives being unfaithful. And ‘Sizzling with She 2 She Vol 2’ is a book about lesbians, featuring ten different life stories. And I will be coming up with Vol 3 too very soon with a different theme.

Q4) From writing the initial draft to working on the final draft it surely requires a lot of efforts. What was the most challenging process in your writing career ?

Ans : Yes, I certainly agree. I think that must happen to many authors when we start a project; from the first few days to the end, we suffer many sleepless nights, anxiety and mood swings. But the most challenging process in my writing career is managing time. As a spouse and a mother, I am also responsible for my husband and son. It becomes challenging to deal with both at the same time. Sometimes I feel like quitting my writing, but when I see my seven books in a row, I accept the challenge and keep moving forward.

Q5) Is there any message you want to give to the readers?

Ans: If anyone is reading my interview, please add any of my books to your bookshelf. Please introduce yourself to my creativity; you may relate to my writing. And if you are not a reader, start reading, even if it’s a single page in a day.


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