Interview with Life Coach and Author Kala Natrajan


Q1) What made you take up the profession of life coach ?
I was ragged at school for continuously 2 years due to jealousy. By the time I went to college I had a nervous breakdown and even wanted to end my life. Something stopped me from taking that drastic step and I carried on with life. But I used to feel as though Nobody loves me and I am unwanted wherever I go. Life went on but it was never good because mental turmoil was going on all the time im my mind. I was unhappy and sad. After a long time, I came across a clinical psychologist who diagnosied my case as trauma in childhood and cured me for the same.
I worked in a bank for more than 3 decades and then did a coaching programme and now I am an empowerment coach. I became a coach because I really wanted to help people and empower them so much that they will be able to face their challenges head on in life. Like the way I was stuck up with life, I don’t want others to be stuck up and want to see them as strong and happy beings.

Q2) What are the most common issues people come up to you with ?

Most people that I come across are stuck up in their lives in one area or another. Some are stuck up financially and They keep thinking as to why they are always broke. Some are stuck up in the area of Relationships and are not able to have harmonious relationships with others. Yet others have health issues most of the time and others have career issues.
I help people to come out of these stuck areas and get breakthroughs in those areas.

Q3) Tell us about the new book you are authoring ?
I have authored a book called “Strike’- A new beginning for single women. This book is all for single women empowerment. When you change yourself from within and view everything positively, your environment will change. Never should you begrudge life and complain.
Past is gone and there is no point in regretting about the past and having resentments against people.The present moment is precious because it is in your hands. Forgiving is the medicine which will heal us. You are the creator of your destiny so let’s write our destiny ourselves. Let’s Stand up tall and take responsibility for our lives. Think positive and win in life!
The book is under publication and will be published in a few days.

Q4) Tell us about your writing journey and things you have learnt while writing .

I started my writing journey 2 and half years back. Since then I have authored 4 books on my own and co-authored 7 more books which are published too. I like to write self help books which anyone can read and have self groth and transformation.
My first book is called ‘empower yourself’ and it contains 39 small chapters of how positive thinking will help you become strong and happy in life.
My second book is called ‘Reinvent yourself’ which contains 5 major areas of your life which you can change for the better by changing your mindset from within.
My third book is called ‘Born to fight” which is my autobiography of how I changed from a victim to a victor.
My fourth book is mentioned at the top.

Q5) Any advice you want to give to teenagers who want to take life coaching as a profession .
Teenagers can take up life coaching as a profession but my advice to them would be-please don’t do it only to earn income. But concentrate on helping people and giving them breakthroughs. If you focus on building value, money will automatically come to you as a by-product.
So my best wishes to everyone including teenagers to lead an awesome life and be happy!

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