IPC to be replaced by Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita


Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister, moved to repeal and replace the Indian Penal Code (IPC), Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), and Indian Evidence Act with the three proposals he filed today in the Lok Sabha. The Criminal Procedure Code, Indian Evidence Act, and Bhartiya Nagrik Suraksha Sanhita will all be repealed in 2023 in favour of the Bhartiya Nyaya Sanhita, Bhartiya Sakshya Bill, and Bhartiya Nagrik Suraksha Sanhita, respectively.

In contrast to the 511 provisions of the IPC, 175 of the sections in the new Bhartiya Nyaya Sanhita (2023) have been changed. In comparison to the Indian Evidence Act’s 167 provisions, 23 of which have been changed, the Bhartiya Sakshya Bill would now include 170 sections. The parliamentary standing committee will now review and vote on these proposed laws.

“The journey from 75 to 100 years of Independence will start on August 16. The prime minister had sworn to abolish the slavery mentality. We shall complete the British laws IPC (1857), CrPC (1858), and Indian Evidence Act (1872). In their stead, we’ll introduce three new laws to guarantee rights protection. Not punishment but justice will be the goal.



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