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IPL 2020: Suresh Raina’s Exit Linked To Rift Over Hotel Room

IPL 2020: Suresh Raina's Exit Linked To Rift Over Hotel Room
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On 29 August, Mr IPL Suresh Raina returned to India from the UAE after opting out of IPL, several reasons are being cited and rumours doing the rounds.

The CSK franchise CEO KS Viswanathan said that the left-hander had left the United Arab Emirates (UAE) due to “personal reasons” in a tweet posted on the team’s official Twitter handle.

KS Viswanathan also said that Raina would be unavailable for the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 season. However, a report claims that Raina was unhappy with the hotel room he was assigned and wanted accommodation similar to that of CSK captain MS Dhoni.

CSK owner and former BCCI president N Srinivasan speaking to outlook linked the cricketers to “prima donnas” but said that Dhoni “was in complete control of the situation.”

N Srinivasan also said that “Cricketers are like prima donnas … like the temperamental actors of the olden days and Chennai Super King team has always been like a family, and all seniors players have learned to co-exist”.

Srinivasan added his thinking is that if players are reluctant or not happy, then go back, and he doesn’t force anyone to do anything. Sometimes success gets into player’s heads.

Srinivasan spoke to MS (Dhoni), and he has assured him that even if the numbers go up, there was nothing to worry and he also talked to the players through a zoom call and asked them to remain safe.

The CSK boss said, “The season has not begun yet, and Raina will realize that he is missing and certainly all the money (a salary of 11 crores per season) he is going to lose.”

CSK’s preparations for the upcoming Indian Premier League hit a snag due to two players, and some staff members of the franchise tested positive for COVID-19.

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