Is Any Woman Safe In India

Is Any Woman Safe In India

Actress Samyuktha Hegde and her two companions had gone to a garden close to the Agara Lake in HSR Layout in Bengaluru on Friday night to exercise and practice with their hula hoops.

Yet, the night walk before long transformed into a bad dream, and the actor has affirmed that she was harassed by a group of individuals drove by AICC part Kavitha Reddy for wearing a sports bra in an open spot.

Samyuktha Hedge recorded the squabble on Instagram live, and said that the group that blamed her for snorting drugs only because she is an actress. In another video, a man can be observed lowering her and said that he will tell the media that she was taking drugs.

Kavitha Reddy called the police to the spot, and in the video, she and different individuals from the group can be heard saying that Samyuktha and her companions must be jailed for open obscenity.

“This is so ridiculous. I had my pullover on. We came here and I took it off and did my warmup. We were simply practising with bands and this lady (alluding to Kavitha Reddy) came up to us and began saying that we were being obscene for wearing a sports bra in an open spot. We were simply practising without anyone else. Presently the individuals here are stating that we devour drugs. Because the drugs case is trending, they are blaming us for taking drugs,” Samyuktha Hedge said in her Instagram live in a very depressed way.

She likewise took her pullover again for the camera and for the police to show them what she was wearing inside.

Samyuktha affirmed that Kavitha Reddy compared them to cabaret dancers and scrutinized the garments they were wearing. The actress likewise said that she was louring by Kavitha.

“A******s,whenever in the event that you wear such garments and something transpires, don’t come crying to anybody. This is the thing that she let us know,” Samyuktha Hegde asserted in her Instagram live.

As per Samyuktha, the police arrived at the spot and advised her and her companions to leave. The group bolted the door to the garden encompassing the lake and didn’t allow them to leave. An individual in the group additionally hit Samyuktha on her hand when she attempted to open the door.

“This is thus, so off-base. This was done without trying to hide and in an open park. What’s more, the lady (Kavitha reddy) reviled us for basically wearing exercise garments. What was it that we fouled up that my companions and I were assaulted and obnoxiously manhandled. This is good policing and it needs to stop,” Samyuktha said in the video.

“Individuals are assembling here. If it’s not too much trouble leave,” the cop can be heard saying to Samyuktha. Notwithstanding, Kavitha Reddy and the group bolted the entryway to the recreation center and requested that the entertainer be taken to the police headquarters. She said that their is a need to record a protest against Samyuktha for “open profanity”.

However, the police faculty, who came to defuse the circumstance, concurred with Samyuktha that she and her companions did nothing incorrectly and allow them to off.

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