Jovial Yet Formidable Leadership

Jovial yet formidable leadership

Devi Ranjan Tripathy, MLA, Banki & President BJD Students Cell

Devi Ranjan Tripathy, the incumbent ruling party MLA from Banki assembly constituency is gracefully carrying ahead the legacy of its rich culture. When Honourable party president of the ruling party BJD during 2019 election and his faith in the young Turk has paid rich dividends for the party. Pleased with his performance and ground connect, Naveen in September 2020, appointed Devi as the President of BJD Chhatra Dal for pitching for the young Turks.

As the chief of the Student wing, Devi Ranjan believes in grooming the youths inclined towards politics for a stable and fulfilling career ahead. He believes with the ideal mix of talent and youthful verve, they are best suited to serve people. And, BJD is the appropriate platform. But why BJD? “The BJD is fortunate to be led by Naveen babu who believes in speaking less and working more. This differentiates him from all other politicians. Everyone can see through the rapid strides made by Odisha over the past 20 years under his able leadership. Look at how we were positioned before his tenure. We could not even grow enough rice for our people and were dependent on imports. But today, we are amongst the largest exporters of paddy. The transformation is also visible in other spheres. There was a time when unemployed people were forced to flee Odisha for jobs. By contrast, we have been able to contain this migration by attracting ample investments that have generated plentiful jobs for youths within the state. Today, ‘Skilled in Odisha’ has catapulted our state’s identity and cemented Odisha’s credentials as the hub of skilled workforce nationwide”.

Jovial yet formidable leadership
Jovial yet formidable leadership

Devi Ranjan feels he is still a neophyte in politics and is always eager to take lessons from the veterans in the BJD. He is immensely inspired by the image and goodwill of the BJD boss. Also, he has drawn political acumen and life skills from his distinguished father. Yet, you won’t find him piggybacking on his father’s charisma and experience. He is prepared to learn yet his brand of politics sets him apart from others in the BJD cadre. He is truly a son of the soil, wedded to the cause of the people at the grassroots. Devi recalls how his election management was spearheaded by his father and his winnability was destined given Naveen’s huge popularity across the state. But the advantages did not dissuade him from taking up door-to-door campaigns to grasp the feel of problems plaguing the people. This attribute verily showcases the hallmark of a leader rooted in people’s minds. Given the disturbing trend of politics that we confront so often today, Devi Ranjan is an outlier. More power to his leadership. The state and the nation amply need more of his tribe.

Jovial yet formidable leadership
Jovial yet formidable leadership

Devi Ranjan popularly known as Tubu is determined in fulfilling the desire of the Honorable Chief Minister Mr. Naveen Patnaik to engage a massive number of young students and youth mass for Nation building. Probably he is the source of inspiration to many young ones in doing people’s politics.

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