JSW Digital Health Kit provides succor to thousands at Balitutha


Paradip: JSW Utkal has launched full blown CSR intervention in the project site area even before laying a single brick for the project. With Public Health as a core focus, JSW renovated Balitutha PHC building in 2020 with CSR funds. Subsequently, efforts were underway to saturate manpower in the health facility and currently a doctor with team are visiting seven days per week.

JSW had recently provided digital kit, handy for evaluation of a number of parameters such as Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heamoglobin levels, ECG, Autoscope etc. A training programme was held on December 20 for all technicians and staff nurse by Medtel. The kit is especially useful for early diagnosis of Heart conditions.

To administer the tests, Dr Bipin Samantray, a well-known senior clinician has been appointed by the company. People from the neighbouring Panchyats of Bamdeipur, Chatua, Baleipur, Kujanga, Paradip Gada and even some from the district of Kendrapara are visiting the centre in addition to the paitients from Nuagaon, Dhinkia & Gadakung panchayat falling under the project site. Within a very short span close to 1000 people have benefitted from the diagnostic services.

“This kit is a quick solution to diagnose wide ranging health complications and is gaining popularity in this region mostly for the accuracy and time effectiveness, says Dr Bipin Samantray.

It is to be noted that in 2019, JSW had provided two modern dental chairs worth Rs. 2 Lakh each at Kujang CHC and Biju Memorial Hospital. JSW had also provided a 30 Kilowatt Generator to Biju Memorial Hospital earlier.

The company will soon launch Mobile Medical Units with focus on health of Children and women in the locality.

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Image Source – Interview Times

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