Jyoti Singh’s Extensive Research Shines

at Jain Girls PG College, Muzaffarnagar


Jyoti Singh, a dedicated scholar from Jain Kanya Pathshala (PG) College, Muzaffarnagar, has made significant strides in the field of Fine Arts through her extensive research on the personality and works of renowned Rajasthani painter P.N. Choyal. Her research, guided by Professor Vandana Verma, Head of the Fine Arts Department at JKP PG College, has garnered widespread appreciation for its depth and thoroughness.
Jyoti Singh’s dissertation, titled “A Study of the Personality and Works of Renowned Rajasthani Painter P.N. Choyal,” delves into the intricate details of Choyal’s life and artistic contributions. Through meticulous analysis and comprehensive study, Jyoti has brought to light the nuances of Choyal’s work, shedding new light on his influence in the realm of Rajasthani art.

Her presentation of the research through a detailed PowerPoint session highlighted the extensive effort and dedication Jyoti has invested in this project. Her ability to articulate complex artistic concepts and provide insightful interpretations of Choyal’s work has impressed both her mentors and peers alike.

Professor Vandana Verma, who supervised Jyoti’s research, commended her for the high quality of her work and her unwavering commitment to the subject. This achievement is a testament to the robust academic environment and mentorship at Jain Girls PG College, Muzaffarnagar, which fosters rigorous scholarly pursuits.

The event was graced by several esteemed academics from various colleges, including Professor Santosh Kumari, Dr. Manjusha, Pratima Sharma, Professor Neetu Vashistha from Shri KK Jain PG College, Khatauli, Dr. Richa Jain, Professor Mahesh Kumar from JV Jain PG College, Saharanpur, Dr. Alok Kumar, Dr. Seema Singh, Professor Vedpal Singh from DAV PG College, Muzaffarnagar, Dr. Rajneesh Gautam, and Upasana Raj. Their presence underscored the significance of Jyoti Singh’s research within the academic community.

The Fine Arts Department at JKP PG College, with support from Kuldeep Kumar, Nidhi Singhwal, and Archana Rani, played a crucial role in facilitating this achievement. Jyoti Singh’s work stands as a beacon of academic excellence and is expected to contribute significantly to the study of Rajasthani art and culture.

This accomplishment marks a milestone in Jyoti Singh’s academic career and highlights the collaborative spirit and academic rigor at Jain Girls PG College, Muzaffarnagar.

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